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R.I.P. Tour at USS Halloween Horror Nights 6


Imma HUGE fan of Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights & have religiously paid for my attendance in the last 5 years!
This is the 6th year going and it just gets better!
Every year, admission tickets will only set me back at $50 when I make payment with Maybank Credit Cards
Maybank has a longstanding collaboration with Universal Studios Singapore since the very first Halloween Horror Night!

When the event gets more and more receptive, the crowd grew exponentially
Last year in HHN5, Mr R & me were so caught up in queues that it robbed us of the chance of visiting the last haunted house
So we left sulking without completing the theme park!

This Year

I decided to reward  my husband on our 5th Wedding Monthsary with R.I.P. Tour tickets instead of the normal admission tickets
Before reading on, there’s still another weekend of HHN6 if you haven’t got your tickets!!!


Credit to Phoebe for informing me about the existence of this tour!
It’s so WORTHWHILE that we’re going to do this again NEXT YEAR!

What it Entails…


It’s VIP for a damn good reason
The service and attention paid to us was impeccable!
First, we report at the VIP Reception just on the left side of the entrance gates of USS


The staff were all so fun loving and made sure we’re comfortable!


We were early, so we get to chill at the lounge and wait till everyone in our tour arrive
Drinks were served
The total number of tour members probably wouldn’t exceed 12 or 14
Our assigned tour guide, Irfan was totally likeable and patient
At every instance, he would ensure that he didn’t lose any humans trailing behind him


As you can see, Mr R had a lot of fun playing with the props…..


How do I pee with them in the toilet with me?
It was dark with red lights squinting in the restroom… and a female laughter is on loop playing through the speakers
I searched for the switch and turned on the lights
yea~ I know that I was supposed to be in the halloween mood and adhere to peeing in the setup-atmosphere
but I really can’t do it!
This is much better with the lights on!


Snap the lightstick so that our tour guide can identify us!
& we’re good to go!

As always, there will be an opening show to HHN


Instead of being sardined like how we were ‘packed’ last year…




A section was cordoned off for the people who signed up for R.I.P. Tour
& How did we get to the front?
We walked through the souvenir store~


  •  Everyone that night was civilized and respected one another’s personal space
  • We didn’t have to perspire since there’s no accumulated body heat from overcrowding
  • The tour guide planned the entire route for you and you just follow behind him without having to push people away
  • No need to run
  • BACKDOOR ACCESS to rides and haunted houses!!!!!
  • Watch Jack’s Recurring Nightmare show at a specific time, without having to queue and the seats are already reserved for us!
  • The Haunted Houses were extra scary coz there’s no one else other than ur own tour group experiencing the horror first!


The tour was done in 3 hours and we’re free to go re-visit any haunted house or take any ride by going through the Express Pass lane
During the tour, we SURPASS the Express Pass Queue
YES! There’s even a queue when you purchase the universal express pass~

Meet & Greet


Want a photo with a HHN Character?
Quit the queue!
Our friendly tour guide snapped one for us!

The Cons of R.I.P. Tour

  • The steep fees at $188 each (price is at early bird booking time) Currently, it’s at $228 per pax
  • RWS online booking system is amateurish, it was a painful process to even get our tickets booked
  • only to find out that you can’t even book online, you have to email RWS and await their response. The booking agent will reply with a handful of attached documents which you have to print, fill in, sign and then SCAN back to them
  • They will process credit card payment but it’s yet another form~

“Who needs Halloween when the whole booking & payment process is so scary?….”
– wise words from Mr R


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