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Qttie Gelly: The Easiest 5-free Formula 1 Step Gel


Qttie Gelly

made in USA
Marketed in Japan, Hong Kong & Singapore

Launched last month in Nail Vibe & I received overwhelming response with the concept of a 1 step gel

15% off Discount on all colors and starter kits
with Voucher code ‘QTTIE’ upon checking out on 
Promotion ends THIS WEEKEND 
(midnight of 23rd October)

What is 1 Step Gel?



That says it all!
The traditional gel polish application requires a lot of additional steps like primer/bonder, base coat, top coat and cleanser to remove the tackiness after curing the top gel!

Qttie Gelly Starter Kit



The starter kit retails for S$96 on

The above details what the starter kit entails
The Qttie Cleanse wipes are for easy gel removal process
The LED Stick is powered by USB which you can plug in to any laptop devices or simply to your mobile phone charger



In the span of the last month, I’ve accumulated enough FAQs which will be answered right here in this post!



What is 5-Free?


Too many people thought that Qttie gives 5 gel bottles free =p
This is what 5-Free formula means…


Must I use Qttie Gelly with Qttie LED Stick?


Not necessarily!
You can also use other LED lamps which you already have or might perhaps consider getting another model here


You can cure a maximum of 2 fingers at one time with the Qttie LED stick
It is meant as a travel essential when you can’t be lugging your normal lamps along
Do also note that the Qttie LED sticks cures in 30 seconds whereas other lamps might take up to 60 seconds

Can I put Top Coat over my Qttie Color?



If you prefer to finish up more shiny than usual, do go ahead!
Qttie Gelly already finishes shiny but you might wanna input some nail art which requires an additional top gel layer
You can use any other brands or even check out Qttie Top Gel which also retails at Vibe Retail Shop

How does the packaging of the gel colours look like?


Qttie Gelly comes in really thoughtful packaging where it’s a super ideal gift to any of your girlfriends or family!


Qttie Gelly Colours


Retailing at S$26 each on 

01_ginza-gold 02_fifty-shades-grey 03_angelic-white 04_dream-in-nude 05_mood-for-latte 06_sunkissed-vegas 07_sunshine-in-california 08_red-riding-hood 09_hot-love-pink 10_royal-romance-purple 12_eggnog-smoothie 13_minting-of-qttie 14_blue-footed-booby 15_munchkin 16_mascara-smudges 17_mistletoe-kisses 18_my-bff-is-an-alien 19_my-first-tattoo 20_in-love-with-a-vampire 21_smiling-alpaca 22_happy-bunny-flop 23_corgi-buttwalk 24_rainbow-bridge-to-heaven 25_all-i-need-is-a-belly-rub 26_pixie-dust 27_lovers-blush 28_lady-godiva 29_choc-dipped-strawberry 30_cuddles-under-the-sheets



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