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Go PakTor


Now you know what PakTor really means in hokkien,
Start “PakTor-ing” now



Yes, it’s that easy
Available on both iOS and Android…

I’m sure you would have heard of the Paktor App for a long time
just haven’t had the chance to try it
Like me, I’m totally not a fan of dating apps and sites
But Paktor was so hassle free and interesting enough that keeps my attention withheld

Here’s how you go about with “Paktor-ing”
After installing the app, the main page prompts you to login via Facebook
Most of us would have a Facebook account, AND YES I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING ABOUT….

None of your Facebook friends will know that you’re on PakTor
Paktor does not post on behalf of you unknowingly
So Go ahead and login with your facebook as Paktor selects your Profile pictures to be your Paktor Profile
Read on further to check out my profile~


First, you get your settings right
1. I guess there’s nothing wrong with selecting both Males and Females if you wanna check out competition
but since I just wanna check out the men, I’m leaving the women out of this
2. For the shy ones, Remember to hide your profile from your friends
Honestly, it’s not about being dodgy or shy
It’s actually an efficient model to not have people who are already your friends show up on your list
You know them anyway, so why bother making friends all over again
3. Choose the countries!
Paktor, as a local start up has ventured its way to various countries
You can now Paktor online with people from different nationalities: China, Germany, USA, UK, France, Vietnam etc!


4. Select the range of the age group
Initially I didn’t know about adjusting this metre and I was wondering why the populated list of guys are like 21 to 26 yrs…
5. I would suggest you turn off all notifications coz your phone will go bonkers whenever your matches get on and offline

By matches — I meant the people who likes you and you also indicated that you like them!


6. Set up your Profile
Paktor would have firstly grabbed random profile pictures from your Facebook Profile
For me, the pictures did not fit the frames well so I had to click on EDIT and reload my photos
The first picture will always be your main Profile picture and the rest of the 4 pictures are optional uploads

& then, you’re DONE!
Go on Swiping now!


So, this dude comes up and I dun think I ever want to speak to him,
I swipe to the LEFT


Here, I have a guy that I would like to explore speaking to
So I swipe to the RIGHT


This will show up only if the other party swipes a LIKE on you as well~
Therefore, it’s a MATCH and a conversation box opens up in the list on the right


People with the Green Dots beside them means that they’re currently online as well
Kinda back to the ICQ Days where there are different coloured flowers to indicate your status

Your Profile Picture Makes a Difference


Yes, I know you have Charming Hair
But I’m not sure if I would like you to know me as a faceless person but with nice hair
We should be able to put a face to your name though~

Get more likes when you display clear photos of your face!


& Hello Superman,
If you are the Real Clark Kent, I’ll definitely Paktor with you

But How do I know if you’re a dupe?

Paktor also tells you whether you have mutual friends with the profile you’re viewing…

Types of Guys I’ve Met over Paktor

  • Bengs
  • Married men
  • the socially awkward
  • a handful of marketing and creative guys
  • boring ones
  • the ones who go inactive-after-saying-hi

Nonetheless, I’ve got a few good conversations going
and there’s definitely a whole load of room to make new friends!
So, Start “PakTor-ing” now!

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