Our Letter to W Hotel Sentosa Cove Part 2


It’s been almost a month since our party at WooBar W Hotel Sentosa Cove was an impeccable success!
My hopes and wishes all came true!
I was of course hoping that nothing screws up that day pleaseeee…
and perhaps the expectations for the hotel was lowered ever since the unpleasant initial experience with Samantha Lim from Catering
Hence everything turns out way above expectations!


Part 1 of this post was in January and there’s absolutely no need to refer to it since it’s history
However, it really got me thinking about how unfair and selfish this employee of the hotel was….
She started off being so unprofessional and displayed stupidity which was hard to condone for a grown adult
Thereafter, everyone else in the hotel had to put in 150% effort to ensure nothing goes wrong for us
Why should you make everyone in the same company strive harder just because you made mistakes?

#Teamwork I suppose?


Anyway, we recognize the fact that everyone in W Sentosa Cove took additional efforts to assist us for our big day and I’m super duper impressed with the service comeback!
It was so sincere and thoughtful that we are truly touched!
So we took about a couple of weekends to ‘pen’ electronically  down our heartfelt gratitude



Here’s the Full Email

Dear Stephane,
We are writing to express our pleasure and appreciation in regards to the excellent service which we had received on 20-May-16 to 22-May-16.
As you know, we planned to have our wedding held in your hotel during the above-mentioned period. Despite initial hiccups due to various staff inefficiencies such as Samantha, the service recovery from Rissa Williams right to Han, who managed our actual event night was near to perfect in every area. Specifically, we appreciated every aspect from the quick response to our every request, the patience and attentiveness of your staff, right to the general way that your team undertook our entire event. For this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We would like to take the opportunity to thank each of your staff in the hotel for making this possible. In addition, we would also like to highlight the service standards rendered to us specifically by 4 staff.
In order of the timeline that we met the team, the list includes:
Rissa: For coordinating everything from the rooms to our event. We thank you for the bouquet of flowers you sent, as it was indeed a very thoughtful gesture from you. Thank you Rissa.
Martin: For coordinating and taking all our requirements, managing our requests, and just being so efficient and professional since Day 1. Without your multiple correspondences with us, we would not be able to have any event that night. Thank you Martin! (below)
Sherwin: A true asset to W Hotel. He is always so calm, efficient, professional and provided the highest service standards reflective of the hotel in our view. Sherwin is always there to offer solutions whenever we are faced with any problems, and went out of the way in many occasions for us. Thank you Sherwin.(who wanted to watch a soccer match and didn’t join our party at night so we didn’t get a snapshot of him)
Han: For managing the actual event that night, coordinating the team, and being on top of the whole arrangement. There were many positive feedback from our guests that night, and many have particularly commented the service staff and standards at Woobar was excellent where they have thoroughly ensured that all glasses were never empty at any point in time. Thank you Han. (yea, the man holding the sparklers for us =p)
We are very happy to have made W Hotel as our preferred venue for the wedding. Having seen the service standards, we would definitely recommend W Hotel to others for all future events.
Once again, we wish you and the Hotel all the best going forward, and a big thank you for everything.
Mr R and Melva
Guests of W Hotel 20-May-16 to 22-May-16

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