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OPI Summer Neons 2014


It’s Neon Times again for Summer!
Last year, we never had the full sized bottles for the Outrageous Neons collection
But Nailvibe is lucky enough to get a hold on the full sized Neons 2014

available for retail sale @ China Square Central #02-27





Just like Outrageous Neons, the collection comes with their personalised base coat
Put a Coat on


Neon Nail colours are generally more translucent the normal cremes and shimmers
Hence the concern is always about whether the neons will be able to cover the entire nail bed or would the colour stand out like they supposed to
The problem is solved when you pair it with Put on a Coat

It is essentially a whitish base coat with the same properties as a normal base coat
Priced at the same usual rate as well
The white-based coat creates the first layer of opaque-ness as a foundation to load on the colours
making the neons more outstanding

Other than pairing with OPI Neons, this base coat is also suitable for use with other brands of neon colours

The Collection of 6 colours comprises of:


Life Gave Me Lemons


You Are So Outta Lime


Juice Bar Hopping


Hotter Than You Pink


Push Pur Pull


Down to the Coreal

Swatches will be released once we receive our shipment.
In the meantime, pre orders can be made here:

New Look for

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