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OPI Spotlight on Glitter Collection 2014



The international release for OPI Spotlight on Glitter Collection 2014
was earlier this month in the beginning of March
& the collection is now available @

A Collection with similar attributes to previous beautiful glitters that they have discontinued
It seems like a relaunch of their most sellable colours
From my retail sales at Vibe in China Square Central, I realised that ladies no longer go gaga over glittery polishes.
& it’s actually a very Singaporean thing to be in love with glittered nails.

One reason may be a common complaint that glittery polishes are such a pain to remove
Read: How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish?
A tutorial I wrote in 2011

The glitters in this collection are not your common glitters you see everywhere…


Blush Hour
Sorry, gotta blush… this super dense fuchsia glitter is way too charming.

Chasing Rainbows
Your pursuit of gorgeous has won you this rainbow with pot-of-gold highlights.

Desperately Seeking Sequins
This prismatic glitter on a backdrop of shimmer is just what you’re looking for.


I Reached My Gold!
The cache of gold confetti in this clear rainbow glitter is all yours!

Rose of Light
A million points of light radiate from this rosy gold and rainbow sparkle.

You Pink Too Much
I’m obsessed with this rosy glitter set in a shimmery base.


A Limited Edition for the first quarter of 2014
Be sure to grab the collection of 6 soon =)

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