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OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 Swatch


Yet another collaboration between Gwen Stefani and OPI
This time, more than just 6 colours
Christmas comes with a punch of 18 new colours with OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 Collection

A good old mix of classic reds, fall shades and glitz

“During the holiday season, women adopt a more glamorous beauty look,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Brand Ambassador. “OPI’s 18 new shades are inspired by Gwen’s edgy, sophisticated style. There are several rich, warm reds – Gwen’s signature color – deep, jewel-toned amethyst, garnet and emerald, as well as silver and gold. I recommend wearing these festive nail lacquers to instantly accessorize party dresses and elegant winter-wear.

“Gwen Stefani Holiday for OPI also includes an array of unique glitters in shades of black and white, with iridescent and chrome accents,” adds Weiss-Fischmann. “The holidays are all about indulgence, and these sparkly shades epitomize luxury!”


Nail Vibe SG has everything stocked up in store
Except Don’t Speak – which is a limited edition 18k gold glitter top coat splits the collection into 2 categories: – Gwen Stefani Holiday – Gwen Stefani Holiday Nail Effects

Gwen Stefani Holiday includes the following:

  • Just BeClaus – This magnificent maroon came into my life just in the “nick” of time.
  • Kiss Me – or Elf! – There’s no denying the allure of this amorous red violet.
  • I Carol About You – I just fa-la-la-la-love this deep royal purple!
  • Christmas Gone Plaid – I sure am plaid I found this tree-mendous forest green.
  • In a Holidaze – I’m dizzy-in-love with this maroon beauty.
  • Love is Hot and Coal – Turn the heat up with this deep grayish brown.
  • Fashion a Bow – So busy – all tied-up today loving this bright reddish-orange!
  • Cinnamon Sweet – Sugar and spice…this deep, warm red is everything nice.
  • What’s Your Point-settia? – So what if I think this is the one truly perfect holiday red?
  • Red Fingers & Mistletoes – This smooch-worthy red shimmer is holiday-perfect.
  • First Class Desires – This mélange of gold and eggplant shimmer is #1 on my wish list.
  • Sleigh Parking Only – Tell the valet to take good care of this exclusive dark burgundy.
  • Rollin’ in Cashmere – Wooln’t you just love wearing this warm, luxurious gold?
  • Unfrost My Heart – The shimmery cool glamour of this gleaming silver is beyond hot!
  • I’ll Tinsel You In – Black and white confetti and fine glitter adorn this ornamental glitter.
  • Snow Globetrotter – Shake up your world with this glitter swirling with white and rainbow flakes.
  • Comet in the Sky – Iridescent beams and midnight black create cosmic art in this glitter.
  • So Elegant – Black and chrome confetti add sophisticated drama to this glitter.


Nail Effects colours are mainly unique glittery colors meant for layering over a solid color
Changing the end effects of it
Out of the 18 colors in the collection, 6 of it belongs to Nail Effects
Out of 6 – 2 are Gold and Silver
4 are glitz

View more of the swatches below:


From left to right:

Rollin’ in Cashmere (gold)
Unfrost My Heart (chrome)
I’ll Tinsel You in
Snow Globetrotter
Comet in the Sky
So Elegant




From left to right:
Fashion a Bow
Cinnamon Sweet
What’s Your Point-settia?
Red Fingers & Mistletoes
First Class Desires
Sleigh Parking Only
Rollin’ in Cashmere (gold)
Unfrost My Heart (chrome)
I’ll Tinsel You in
Snow Globetrotter
Comet in the Sky
So Elegant




From left to right:
Just Beclaus
Kiss Me – or Elf!
I Carol About You
Christmas Gone Plaid
In a Holidaze
Love is Hot and Coal



Get Your hands on this Limited Edition Set now – Gwen Stefani Holiday – Gwen Stefani Holiday Nail Effects


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