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OPI Fashion Plate Spring 2014 Collection

OPI Fashion Plate MLB Collection Spring 2014

OPI collaborated with Major League Baseball for the new Fashion Plate Collection – this Spring 2014.
Arrives in an unusual number of 7 new colours in a collection
It’s not something that I’ve seen before over the last decade
usually collections comes in 6s or 12s and perhaps 4s for limited edition ones

I’m not sure if 7 is a particularly significant number in the baseball game
but this round, we got 7 nicely blended colours in their cremes and metallics

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Fashion Plate 7 Colours

  • BB1 Short-STOP!
  • BB2 Love Athletes In Cleats
  • BB3 Orange You Going To The Game?
  • BB4 Right Off The Bat
  • BB5 7th Inning Strrretch
  • BB6 Umpires Come Out At Night
  • BB7 Girls Love Diamonds

Fashion Plate swatch





There’s nothing out of the ordinary for this collection
All colours seems to have been a replica of something and be sure that we should have similar ones on those rainbow shelves in vibe retail store
but just in different names~

For collectables sake, yes,  you probably will just want to own it all!~

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