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OOTD 21st April 2014


I insisted that Mr Egg place his beloved Sarah as my backgroud for this OOTD since my outfit kinda matches the white beauty that day
On the last public holiday, I took a rare walk through Mango and fell in love with this Denim Top& the walk resulted in a snappy purchase

The super comfortable white stretchy jeans was acquired about 2 years ago
from Zara @ Hong Kong International Airport

If you have the chance to be wandering at the HK Intl Airport
You need to make it a compulsory itinerary to head to Zara
The selection of designs are very much different from what we have in Singapore
but yes, only the HK Intl Airport outlet.


My shoes are amazingly comfortable patent pumps
from a small stall in a fashion mall in GuangzhouThey are extremely versatile and goes with at least half my wardrobe!

After the Facebook post on my OOTD shot,
I actually had more people asking me about Sarah (ok, the car)
So I’ll end this post with exposing Sarah’s identity:
She’s a Honda beauty termed as S2000


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