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OneTwoCosmetics Magnetic Lash Review


What are magnetic lashes?

They’re basically falsies with a small plate of magnet attached in the middle of each lash
When I first watched the tutorial video, I was overwhelmed by how INGENIOUS this idea was

It caters & appeals to ladies who are:
fail at putting on falsies for her lifetime
– have small eyes
– Vain but have no time

Me: I’m all of the above

How about getting inspired by watching the Tutorial Video first just like me?

Tutorial Video

Take My Money!

Before you jump into googling OneTwoCosmetics and securing yourself a set of lashes, why not scroll down further to check out my personal experience?

At this juncture, if you’re completely sold — here are some points you need to know:
1. OneTwoCosmetics work on a pre order basis which means the company only starts to manufacture the lashes after taking your money
2. There’s a 10 week turnaround time
3. No International shipping
4. EzBuy does not ship from this site (maybe vPost does? – #notsuredidnotcheck)


Since I was really enthusiastic and did not bother reading reviews (there wasn’t much reviews anyway at that time)
I went through a process of troubling my gf in SFO to receive this and send it internationally to Singapore for me
Thank you for making this happen!


Hold top One Two Lash (the one without the red dot) over your eye


Position lash on top of your natural lashes, so the outside edge lines up with the edge of your natural lash line.


Leave the top lash where it is, and pick up the bottom lash (the one with the red dot).


Without blinking, place the bottom lash under your natural lashes, so it meets and connects with the top lash magnet.


Removal Process

“Take your index finger & thumb and gently slide the two magnets away from each other.
Try to avoid pulling the lashes straight off, as this may alter the shape and look of the lashes.”

I tried….


This was taken at 12:48am after attempting to put on the lashes for 1.5 hours
Stella praised me for the amount of patience I have
I gotta agree!
But it’s more of like I-need-to-geddit-right-after-paying-USD69!!!


A good pair of eyebrow tweezers is all that you need
That stupid microfibre cloth included in the packaging is super Extra
Can you think of something better to let your customers feel that paying USD69 is actually worth it?

This is my natural eyelash after curling with an eyelash curler

This is a set of 2 pairs of lashes each eye
Initially I thought I was supposed to put 2 pairs on one eye and then I realised, it was actually meant to be HALF a Lash per eye only! (means 1 pair, the other pair is extra for safekeeping in case booboo-things happen)

The left eye is always the easiest is you’re a right-hander
Note: half that inner eye lash is my own!

Clipping on the lashes for my left eye takes just ONE try and TWO seconds to complete
This is exactly why the company is called ONETWOCOSMETICS

This is my best attempt for the right eye after more than 10 tries
& every single time, I will have to convince myself that…
“It’s ok, not that much of a difference, nobody will notice”

Putting magnetic lashes on for the right eye cancels out all the goodness I had with the left eye
We will end up at the original point of spending too much time with the lashes

Boo Boo

Yes, the Magnet fell off!
I used nail glue to stick it right back!


What can be Done Better?

  1. These lashes are not meant for every eye-shape
  2. Asian eyes are going to be at the losing end (maybe this is why you do not ship internationally?)
  3. Quality of lashes are too synthetic and heavy
  4. Bone of the lashes are hard and prickly
  5. How about extending each lash longer to cover 3/4 of the eye rather than just at the end?
  6. Lowering your prices by manufacturing this in China — that will definitely kill the waiting time of 10 weeks!

What am I gonna do with my Magnetic Lashes?

I still use them!
Only when I have so much time to redo the right eye until I’m satisfied….


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