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NOTD with Water Nail Decal


Hello Everyone!
Ever since I started my full time job this March, I was never in the mood for any extensions
That’s why you’re seeing less of acrylic extensions tutorials and NOTDs
A large factor is due to the lack of time on Saturdays to do extensions
which typically takes up about 5 to 8 hours depending on how extensive the nail art is
Saving time and also having more functional short nails to do my daily chores
I’ve resorted to staying short and simple

Last Saturday, upon seeing the Nail Decals in Vibe Retail Store
China Square Central #2-27
I decided to have a quick application with it
& I don’t even need to think of any gel colors to match, just the base and top gel will do!

What You Need:


A dish of water
Nail Decal
Cuticle Pusher
Cuticle Nipper
Nail File


pH Bond
Base Gel
Top Gel

Step One


Cut the decals into smaller pieces with individual designs and soak them in the water dish

Step Two


Apply pH Bond & then Base Gel
Cure in LED Lamp for 45 seconds

Without cleansing, pick up the nail decals from the water dish and fit them onto every nail according to appropriate sizes

File off the top and sides to fit the length of your original nail


Step Three

Finish up by applying a coat of Top Gel to seal it
& cure under LED Lamp for 1 minute

Cleanse away the tack and you’re good to go!


With Nail Polish

Some ladies prefer nail polish application to gel
yes, we can also use the decals with polish
Using the same drill, apply base coat instead of base gel
Fit on the decal and file off the sides
Top with top coat

Point to note: you might wanna secure the decal with nail glue since nail polish tend not to last compared to gel applications

Have fun!


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