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NOTD Tutorial with Gelle Green Colours


My NOTD for the month was intended to be Camou-inspired
however the first attempt didn’t turn out too well
but I’ve still received many compliments throughout the month that I was wearing it~


I hope it still kind of give you an idea of my intended camou-design~

In any case, I had good fun playing with the colours and here’s how:


Starting with a slight dirty green base color
Gelle 332
Yes, it’s a latest addition to the classic range of Gelle colors


Grab a disposable paint palette
Similar to the kind we used when we were in Primary school
I bought 10 of these from Daiso for just 2 bucks!

Squeeze in these colors
Dark blue – Gelle 313
Blended Green – Gelle 197
Dirty Brown – Gelle 209


and a Lime Green – Gelle 184


With a Nail Art Brush
which you can find in most art stores (normal paint brushes)
and also on and Vibe Retail store
Nail Art brushes are sold at a mere S$5.90

Dip with the darkest color first and start drawing random figures like these..




Followed by the lime green
you don’t have to follow this exactly
since the designs are completed with random stripes of colors
you basically need to start with the darkest and head on to the lightest

Leaving the brown to the last



For everyone who have flattered me bouts for having this NOTD
I really appreciate it though in my exact words,
I told Karen and Sushi that this is the epic failure of camou-prints


Thank you so much and hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial!



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