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NOTD: Ice Cream Nail Art with Gelle


A NOTD too Yummy to be True
The crux to achieving this effect is to find the right colors that represent closest to chocolate and strawberry ice cream foods



You will need:
Disposable plastic art palette
Fine Nail Art Brush
Dotting Tool
Frenz Nail Magic Glitter Overlay Gel Polish
Base Gelle
Top Gelle
LED Lamp

frenz nail magic glitter overlay

Gelle Colors:161 – Base Pink
322 – Chocolate
247 – Yellow Sprinkles
327 – Blue Sprinkles
255 – Cherry Red Sprinkles
301 – Green Sprinkles




Paint Base Gelle
Followed by base pink color 161
Above: There’s just 1 layer of 161
There are ridges on the nails from the image
You will not be likely to see these on your own nails as mine was acrylic extentions and I did not buff the surface smoothly
These would cause the ridges to be seen


After 2 layers of base gelleIMG_5615

To give an opaque look – I went for 3 layers


There should be a tutorial video I took on how to use the Frenz Nail Magic Glitter Overlay Gel Polish to create the 3D flowing chocolate effect
However my camera SD Card died on me and brought along the videos to the grave

I can only do my best to illustrate the tutorial here with words and pictures


As the Frenz Nail Magic Glitter Overlay Gel is thick and non drippy
You can easily control it by the brush tip
Do it one nail at a time and cure in LED Lamp
After which, paint chocolate 322 using nail art brush to cover just the area where the Overlay Gel is
Apply a thin layer of 322, otherwise the chocolate will really overflow in a messy manner


“Sprinkle” rainbow confetti randomly to achieve this effect



Lastly, top it off using Top Gelle
Cure for 90 seconds and wipe the tack off with cleansing solution!


Hope you enjoy this tutorial
Leave me a message if you have any questions!



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