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NOTD: Halloween Nail Art 2015


After resting my nails for a couple of weeks from the last NOTD post with a huge-a*s diamonte ring on my extensions
I obediently placed myself on an Ecrinal therapy with the Vitamin Strengthener and 3 solid coats of Flexible Base Coat
Looked at them for 6 days and it totally spurred me on to have a new set of nail art done in anticipation of gracing the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights – which will be blogged about in the next post

I picked up a dotting tool and grabbed some gel colours out
& was all ready to draw!


It’s Halloween!
How can we forget about Jack Skellington? <Nightmare Before Christmas>
For those of you who knows how crazy I am with playing the Disney Game – Tsum Tsum (pronouced as Tsu-mu Tsu-mu, contrary of popular localised pronunciation as “sum-sum” in the most auntie-fied possible accent)


Yea, I just spent 30,000 coins for a premium box to surprise myself with this!
I made my thumbs the faces of Jack Skellington!


1. Base Gel
2. Harmony Gelish 1433 Arctic Freeze is a solid WHITE perfect for the base canvas
3. Harmony Gelish 1348 Black Shadow is used to draw the eyes, nose and mouth – all just by tapping the dotting tool on the brush and draw the shapes accordingly


Pardon the out-of-focused picture which I’ve completely overlooked
Tried to sharpen it with photoshop but this clearly explains my skill level
A thick spiderweb drawn with the reverse of colours as with Jack Skellington on my thumbs

1. Base Gel
2. Harmony Gelish 1348 Black Shadow as a black base
3. Harmony Gelish 1433 Arctic Freeze is used to line the web

It’s thick coz it’s way better to replicate on the other hand with a shaking left hand trying to focus on the right


This should be a better photo for the web design on the index finger


If you can imagine, the middle of the eye is slightly popped up
How can you achieve this?

1. Base Gel
2. Harmony Gelish 1433 Arctic Freeze for a white base
3. Gelle 190 is the most appropriate orange for the eye – drip a blob of orange to create the 3D effect
4. Gelle 257 is used to create the bloodshot veins of the eyeball
5. Encircle the orange eye with Gelish 1348 Black Shadow

However, I have to say that I’m risking having the nail art crack faster than usual with the thicker blob of gelIMG_6830

The cut-outs Pumpkin for Halloween!

1. Base Gel
2. Gelle 190 as a base colour
3. With the dotting tool, draw the cut-outs of the trianglular eye and mouth out with Gelish 1348 Black Shadow


The 3rd Eye!

1. Base Gel
2. Harmony Gelish 1348 Black Shadow as a black base
3. Harmony Gelish 1433 Arctic Freeze is used to prop 3 dots – cure first
4. Prop 3 black dots on top of the white

& there you have 3 starry eyes in the dark!


Have Fun!


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