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NOTD for CNY 2015: Mahjong themed Nails


Ladies who are not into the trend of getting manicures done on a normal basis would have made it a point to visit the nail salon just before Chinese New Year
Just to get a new coat on
Have you gotten yours?

Other than allowing my nails to breathe… say 3 times a year
They are constantly submerged under colours!

I’m really excited to be finally having Mahjong themed 3D Embellishments affixed on my nails this time!


This was done last week
Just in time for me to attend the Gala Premiere of King of Mahjong
A Local Production by Clover Films to be released on Chinese New Year 19th Feb


With the theme in place, I was totally in the mood for mahjong over the 10 days!


For those of you with healthy nails and an appropriate length
you have the best amount of nail bed area to affix 3D Embellishments
They can be stuck on using nail glue
or using Frenz Nail Magic Glitter Overlay Gel

As for the base, it would be best if you have gel manicure on
as this would allow the 3D embellishments to be more secured
The base color for my red is Gelle 303

The HUAT and Hong Zhong are sold individually on

@ $2.80 each


Red and Gold are the main auspicious colors for CNY
All the colors you see on my index fingernail are structured from acrylic powder directly to extend the length of my nails


The Chinese Knot 3D Embellishment is also one popular design
@ $2.80 each


White base Gelle color 121 has always been a hot favourite for many of my customers
The gel color has such an opaque quality that it makes nail art very feasible
Takes just 2 thin coats to achieve a solid white base



Both my ring and last finger are structured using glittered acrylic powders
This look can only be achieved if you mix in larger glitter bits with your gel colors


Hope you like my NOTD for CNY!
They have been very eye catching over the last week!



I’ve also done a gel manicure for my twin
with a crystal goat embellishment
I only have 1 goat left for sale in Vibe Retail Store @ $3.00
Snap it up if you like it!

Red base: Gelle 253
Gold glitter: Gelle 045


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