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NOTD 6th Jan: Gelle 179 and Tiffany 185


Before the post on my Christmas Nails can even be out, I’ve decided to showcase my current Nails of the Day first!
If you have been following closely with my Facebook page,
you would have known that I have just returned from a week’s holiday in Beijing.

Hence, blog posts were slightly delayed over the festive week of Xmas and 2014 New year celebrations.

Finally had time to clear out the Xmas nails
shorten the previous acrylics extensions to make typing easier
& also did my own infills with my newly purchased EZFlow monomer


I would strongly recommend this brand after trying out others
It’s priced at S$118 for 8oz
and it is clearly more effective in the sense that there is no distinct purplish colour when used with the clear powder
& it dries fairly fast

If you’re a novice, it might be too fast for you to control


After the infills were done, go on to make the gel polish application

1. Foundation Base Gel
2. Draw the french tips with Gelle Colour 179 using Nail Art Brush
Grab gel colour using the Nail Art Brush and the brush tip of the gel polish
Try drawing straighter lines and covering the sides
3. Cover the ring finger with Tiffany Glitter Gel 185
4. Top Coat twice over
5. Cleanse off the tack




I love how only 2 coats of the glitter Tiffany Gel can release so much coverage over the nail bed

This is one of my favourite swatch so far!
Clean and goes with plenty of outfits!
Though there are fizzy lines with my shivering hands, I think it’s manageable =p

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