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NOTD 5th Nov : China Glaze Highlight of My Summer


Over the last couple of months,
China Glaze Highlight of My Summer has always been a sell out colour

From the Neons on the Shore Summer Collection 2013
I swatched it before as a slightly neon Mint Green
Little did I know of its Glow in the Dark qualities..


Until last evening at the Digital Fashion Week event
Then I realised how GLOWing my nails were when the lights went off for the runway show


Totally an unexpected surprise!



As with all Neon Nail Colours,
They usually dry faster than normal colours, hence it’s more difficult (in this case, streaky) to paint them
You will need to pick up more polish to avoid the brush lines
& end up with thick coats of the color
Which may chip easily after a couple of days

Now I see why it’s been the best seller of the collection
following Too Yatch to Handle it

Have Fun!

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