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NOTD 30 Apr 2014



Long time ago, I bought those square crystals from the store in ChinaTown People’s Park Centre
where they sell a lot of small beads and pearls for DIY Jewellery
Those crystals have been sitting there in my bag for the longest time
& I just wanted to exhaust them

The multi-glitter colours are just glitter powders from a rainbow pot,
splashed freely all over the nail
and covered with top gel

Using Frenz Nail Magic Glitter Overlay Gel

frenz nail magic glitter overlay

I stuck them on firmly
arranging in a grid format
afterwhich, apply another layer of Magic Glitter Overlay Gel to top off and secure the grid crystals in place


On the other hand, I had an inspiration to layout crystals alignment
A mixture of the different designs I have left in my jewellery box


Laying the formation of crystals were not as easy as I thought initially
It requires a rough plan of how would the end picture look like
thereafter selecting the appropriate size and look of the crystals
for a mixture of them, the size matters
They have to come together to completely fill the surface area of the nail bed



The rest of the gel colours is by Harmony Gelish Trends Collection 1863 Girls’ Night Out


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