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NOTD 29th Sept 2015


After my gel extensions from Dazzlette Nails went a little out of hand within 2 weeks
It got in the way for every single thing I do daily
So I decided to shorten them and give it a new coat while retaining the ring on my middle nail

Here’s a recap from the previous design that you can see from:
NOTD with Dazzlette Nails


What I Did

Using a nail clipper, I snipped off the extensions partially and thereafter file to straight the tips into a square
Ripped off the crystals on the rest of the nails with a cuticle nipper


With Gelish Black Shadow 1348
Coat 2 layers over the smothered surface of the nail beds to cover up the previous design
& also close up the tips with black gel
Especially with the middle finger to follow up with the black bordered nail art given


I also filled up the grown out nail bed with black for the middle nail
and seal the set up with Matte Top Gel from Harmony Gelish

A twist and nip and I achieved quite a new set of nails!



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