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NOTD 2nd July: Gelle 299 & more new colours!

gelle 299 swatch


I have kept my nails naked for 5 weeks in the desperate attempt to gain nail-health
The previous acrylic damaged was so detrimental that I gave up the continual abuse to them

And now I’m back!
with the first ever GEL Polish application!

Gelle Color 299
Tiffany blue/green alike
Identical shade to my SMIGGLE Calculator!

Yes, if you’re wondering where did 299 come from since there are only a total of 284 colors….
You guess it right!
There has been an addition of 52 new colours to the entire Gelle Collection!

And here, I’m giving you a glimpse of the palette!


A mixture random shades from 316 to 335

Drop into our Store to check out all the Brand New 52 shades!


There’s just countless times where I had this tiffany shade on my nails
But I NEED to have it on this time coz of my recent new purchase during the GSS


Same colour too!!


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