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NOTD 17th July Tutorial

Nails for the Day 17th July 2013

I will be showcasing 3 sets of nails
Left hand | Right hand | Feet



Left hand


A simple Black and Tiffany green theme


Using Gelle Colour 122 – Black



Gelle Colour 188 for the Tiffany Green

I was just playing randomly with extremely simple designs + Crystal arrangements
– Index finger: Black with a rim of green, drawn with Dotting Tool
– Middle finger: Apply Gelle Colour 188 first, followed by the Black on Tips
– Ring Finger: Black with iridescent crystals
– Last Finger: Apply Gelle Colour 188, topped with Gelle Colour 284

The Gelle Colour 284 is one for the best selling jelly shimmering green shades & I’ve had way too many ladies asking me how the gradation of colors is done.

For the thumb:


Might not be very clear in this photo here….
After one coat of Gelle Colour 188, the second coat of 188 just needs to go on halfway from the edge of the nail bed to half your nail.
As you will need to layer the other half with Gelle colour 284, we wouldn’t want the entire nail to be too thick at the end
& we also want a slightly transluscent look for the tip


My Personal Heart Shaped LED Lamp!
I can’t explain how technology improved the efficiency of my Gel manicures!!
Just 45 seconds to cure!
With nailart, we usually need to cure umpteen times, spending 2 to 3 minutes in a traditional UV Lamp EACH TIME/CURE
It’s such a WASTE of time!
With this, it’s a WHIZZ!





With the jelly part done, we can now arrange for some crystals to be stuck onto the middle
hiding the fine line segregating the color difference

Cystals are better stuck onto Gel than normal nail polished nails
The thin layer of nail polish is less likely to hold on to the weight of your crystals, that explains how easy it is to yank of the blings while washing your hair~

Choosing the Nail Glue is also important, there are many brands out there and I’ve tried so many that causes nothing but disappointment.
Hence I ship in a batch of glues myself!

Basic Tip on storing the glue:
Keep it in the refrigerator after use.
The humid weather in this island causes the glue to get stickier & as a result, you may find it impossible to twist open the glue cap again the next time.


I chose deep emerald green crystals to match the base colour.
I’ve always belittle crystal arrangement – thinking it was the easiest thing and no knowledge was needed
It was SO WRONG of me… before this, I’ve had way too many failed crystal placements that I gave up
Blings doesn’t necessarily make your work look good, it really depends on how well you place them

Right Hand


For this set of nails, I decided to go with IbD Just Gel Base & Top Coats


Instead of the usual Gelish & Gelle Base & Top Coats – I went on to try the IbD ones

Base coat was not as thick as the other brands, glides on easily
Top coat was one of the best I’ve tried so far!
– It is with the least amount of tack [meaning you will not need to cleanse so much, there’s very little stickiness left on the surface]
It also gives off a rubbery and plasticky look, giving your manicure a good shine!


Gelle Colour 273 is CHROME — for the middle finger
Gelle Colour 037 is the Glitter infused nudish colour for the index finger
The rest is black – Gelle Colour 122


After curing and cleasing, stick on the 3D embellishments & you’re Done!





Base: Gelle Colour 171 [ smurf-blue ]
Stripes: Black Gelle Colour 122

Draw stripes using Nail Art Brush

Takes a lot of patience if you’re doing it for your own feet
I get a lot of cramps having to paint them properly
It’s much easier doing it for your friend and get her to do it for you in return =p

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