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NOTD 14th July with Gelle Tutorial


Blue Skies reigning with some clouds
Keeps you happy everyday when looking at your nails!
Happy Colours and Happy Nail Art!


What You Need

If you are blessed with really good nail beds, you can start off with gel polish application immediately.
However, over the years of abusing my nails
They have given up and me and I havent seen them grew longer than the edge of my fingers
They usually snap on the side
This is the worst case scenario which I hope nobody will have

For a start, I did my own acrylic sculpture extensions so I have a better surface at drawing


I will not be explaining how to get the sculpture done, but if you’re interested to know
You can leave a message or email me at


  1. Apply Ph Bond as a dehydrator to your nail beds
  2. Apply Base Gel and cure in lamp for 1 min
  3. Apply 2 coats of Gelle 171 for the blue base color


4. Cleanse your nails after curing the base color, this is to allow the tack to be cleaned off. You should get matte nail surfaces


5. Using the Nail Art Brush with Gelle 121 (white) to draw fluffy clouds randomly
Then set to cure again for 1 min
6. After curing, Cleanse them again


7. For rainbows, free hand drawing will cost more time
To save time, Use French Tip Nail stickers that create the arc of rainbows
Paste 2 stickers parallel to each other and create a space in between
This is where we will paint the pink over using Gelle 143


8. Yellow using Gelle 244 and Green using Gelle 299
The green here doesn’t really stand out, perhaps we can try using purple, orange or even red


9. Seal off with Gelle Top Gel and cure in Lamp for 90 seconds.
10. Cleanse and apply cuticle oil to the surrounding skin


Hope you enjoy this tutorial! supplies you with all your Gel and nail accessories!

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