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NOTD 10th Feb Gelle 248



After 2 gel manicures worth of blue shades
It’s time to go subtle, as with the CNY season fading away

Being in a floral mood, I found some sunny-flowers in my stash of decals
purchased from a Tokyo trip in 2009

These stickers were from specialised nail accessories departmental stores & did not belong to a particular brand
As we all know now that ShaNail Pro nail stickers are the best decals to handle as they are thin and glides on easily for nail art designs
In 2009, ShaNail Pro wasn’t existent yet


Dealing with normal decals, you will face the following problems

  • Not sticky enough
  • Lifts up due to the concaved surface of the nailbeds
  • creates an uneven surface from the cross section view

Solutions: Using a Jewel Tweezer or Orange stick, hold the decals down and cover with Top gel swiftly
Enter the LED Lamp with the orange stick still down on the decal
Important — A 2nd layer of top gel is essential to create the impression that the nail art is hand drawn rather than plain decals


The top half of the tip is covered with Gelle 248
A sweet peach tone suited for the tanned skin
Tip: Pink based peach tones look best on fair skin while orange based peach tones look best on tanner complexion

The glitters on the ring finger is actually an acrylic powder based colour.

Feel free to have a chat with me for all your clarifications!

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