Nostalgia in Signature Raffles Place


Images credits: Bella Pilar

March was the Anniversary month for Vibe Retail Shop in China Square Central
which also means it’s my 3rd year getting rid of a proper full time job
For the 5 good years that I committed myself to the general category of people in Singapore
who reports to a boss and multi-task themselves with politics in office
I have worn structured suits and dresses
Strutting through Raffles Place with my killer stiletto heels
A must-have designer handbag
Perfectly done make up
Looking like a million dollars



I would even bother carrying a change of dresses for Friday evenings
All ready to pop out of the Ladies
Similar to Clark Kent’s transition to Superman in a phone booth
Just that I was headed to the hottest clubs in town
To be seen, to be known

I still weave through Raffles Place
But in the most comfortable fashion
Hot shorts, a tee, flip flops
Half done make up
An inspired piece of designer bag
Looking every bit like a student in a neighbourhood shopping mall

It was lunch hour
I people watched for a good 30 minutes while taking a slow walk through the signature buildings that houses the largest banks in Asia
There were long queues at every single salad place
Some on their smartphones texting away
Snooping on facebook
Too many are readers (nicer word for stalkers) they don’t react (‘like’/comment) neither do they post any updates on their own page
It’s kind of like keeping your own life private but snooping around on others is alright
There are people who took the hour off yakking away about bosses and colleagues
More often than not, nothing positive is achieved from the conversation
They assume that by releasing their bitchiness would have stress relief results
Little do they know that things get more and more negative
Spiralling in a downward manner once you return to work
There are some who maximize the hour to run all errands
Especially for the ones involving business hours only
When all of them are restricted to business hours,  you get a massively unbalanced amount of crowd during lunch times and weekends

A large portion of the people I obeserved that very afternoon
had worrying looks
crinkled foreheads
sighing unknowingly
rushing from place to place

What happened to being happy?

Happy is a widely used word
Happiness is also what everyone strives for
Too many have spoken about their wants and dreams for paradise
& nothing was done to make an inch forward

Comparing then & now…

I used to think that money was everything
Money buys me all the bags I wanted
Money buys me the best healthcare
Money brings food for my survival
Money allows my wardrobe to change every season
Money makes my family happy

I gave up sleep
gave up family time
gave up relationships
just to work
not being clear minded about how my definition was so wrong

I’m making just a fraction of income in 2009
yet I’ve never been this happy before

bella pilar

Have You?

wake up everyday smiling?
alarm clocks will not exist
your schedule everyday is different
you decide what you want to do
have all the time in the world to complete errands?
spend your time with real friends?
stay true to yourself?
feel like negativity has eroded?
be spontaneous?
have a chat with a cold caller?
be nice?
say hi to kids randomly?
have beers without telling yourself mentally that you have to stop soon and head home?
thought that there’s no difference between weekdays and weekends?

When was the last time all the above happened for you?
For the record, it’s an everyday affair for me
I couldn’t have wished for a better one…

Start hearing yourself out~!


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