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We have New stuff on!
This May 2014…
All in the Pedicure Foot File and Manicure Accessories Categories~

Nickel Foot File

Nickel foot File

Use Nickel Foot File dry, without soaking foot
Though the grit feels sharp, it will only shave off dead skin cells, leaving the healthy skin cells intact
After filing, wash with soap and water

The Nickel Foot File is anti-bacterial and deodorizing, prevents athletes’ foot and eczema
Nickel is 5x stronger than general metals and does not wear down easily
The nickel surface does not peel off or become rusty.

Using the Nickel Foot file is time saving as soaking of feet is not required here
It also slows down the build up of dead skin cells.

Comes with 2 sides: small grit and large grit

Nickel foot File large grit

Nickel foot File small grit

Nickel Foot File is retailing @ S$32.00

Wooden Foot File

wooden foot file

The Wooden Foot File is best used after soaking your feet
This is the normal pedicure foot file you can find in most manicure salons.
Get it for daily use in the comfort of your own bathroom~

Come with 2 sides: Smooth and Coarse grit

wooden foot file black

wooden foot file brown

Wooden Foot file retailing @ S$8.50

Nail Swatch Sticks

Swatch Sticks

Comes in 50 pieces per pack
Swatch your existing colours in your collection to serve as a gentle reminder on what you have
Or you may also play your creativity on the swatch sticks and collect nail art designs
String them up with the metal rod provided in the pack


Swatch Sticks retailing @ S$6.50 per pack

3D Embellishments

We have about 10 new designs to add on the the existing family of 3D embellishments for your pretty nails!







IMG_4350 copy


musical note



Retailing at:

1 for S$2.50
2 for S$4.50
5 for S$6.50

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