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New French Classics at Paul’s Boulangerie Patisserie


This November 2014, marks Paul’s 125th Anniversary
The heritage French brand is loved around the world for its authentic French fare and handmade traditional and specialty French Breads
Established in 1889 in the city of Croix, near Lille in Northern France
the traditional taste of really good bread has been passed down through 5 generations of bakers and having extended its presence in Singapore, Paul presents new French Classics and Traditional Rustic Flavours from its rich heritage with 26 new dishes, desserts and beverages added on to its breakfast and main dine-in menu


My first time dining in Paul
was a real pleasant one
Having to taste the newly added dishes into the new season’s menu was indeed a brand new experience
I have heard a lot about Paul and finally have the opportunity to dine in, especially with new creations for the season!


Arriving at the outlet at Marina Bay Link Mall on a Saturday afternoon for lunch
Tucked sophisticatedly in a nice strip along the underground mall
was Paul
Hard to miss with the quintessential interior decor


The week has been sunny
making me dehydrated all day
I asked for a glass of Sage Camomile Iced Tea (S$7.50) – left
while Mr Seow ordered a Rosemary Lime Iced Tea (S$7.50) – right

If you’ve had Camomile tea with honey before, you can imagine that in the cold format
The Sage Camomile Iced Tea is a calming blend of camomile, lemon, honey and sage that will ease your nerves and sooth your senses
Not a tad of dilution, I had a full taste of deeply soaked camomile~

The Rosemary Lime Iced Tea is a refreshing drink packed with antioxidants and a whole lot of rosemary goodness.
There’s also a tinge of ginger flowing through the drink


First up
Appetizer Salade de la mer
Fresh seafood salad topped with sauteed prawns, mussels, octopus, avocado, grapefruit and slices of red radish
They weren’t kidding when they used the word FRESH
Everything found in this salad was nothing but fresh
With a balsamic base, the avocado and grapefruit goes really well with the greens


I slurped up the Sage Camomile Ice Tea real quick and proceeded to order my first coffee of the day
Amused by the name of the drink: Shakerato
Mr Seow and I decided to just have 2 versions of it
Shakerato (S$7.50) is made with Double Espresso shot shaken with ice and strained. Available in flavours: Original, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Hazelnut and Caramel
I picked butterscotch and he picked Hazelnut
The drinks definitely looked the same
The butterscotch infused Espresso shots is just a beautiful combination
while the hazelnut did not come out that well
The espresso overwhelmed the hazelnut, making it such that we are just enjoying the greatness of 2 espresso chilled shots


From the main menu,
One of Paul’s classic favourites: tartines!
A French-style open-faced sandwich where the star of the dish is as much the delicious slices of freshly baked country bread as the generous toppings that go on it

Tartine Boeuf
Sirloin steak grilled to perfection on a bed of herb cream cheese, caramelised onions topped with a dash of balsamic glaze


As I usually refuse to take beef, (on personal preference)
Mr Seow insisted that I will not be able to taste the beef if I paired it with more of the caramelised onions and bread
So I took beef for the first time in years
The juicy meat was all of it, drowned in the onions and bread
According to Mr Seow, the sirloin steak was one of the better ones he’d tried and the pairing of the onions and bread was absolutely ideal


Longe de thon

Seasoned tuna loin grilled to perfection served with roasted vegetables and seasonal cranberry sauce


Cranberry sauce plays a large part in this season’s new menu
particularly close to Christmas
this explains the pairing of cranberry sauce with most of Paul’s dishes



My 3rd beverage from Paul
After 2 shots of espresso, I would go for the Cafe Miel
Coffee with honey and milk froth topped with cinnamon
Quite a special finish with smooth sweetness
Very satisfying for my caffeine cravings!


Confit de canardS$28.90
A classic dish and one of Paul’s favourite indulgences
A slow roast herb-marinated leg of the duck accompanied by roasted vegetables and seasonal cranberry sauce that goes beautifully with the rich flavour of the meat
The meat is rubbed in herbs and cured in its own fat for up to a day before roasting to achieve a succulent aromatic flavour


I was expecting the usual duck confit where the meat is soft and thoroughly melted down
but no, Paul’s Confit de canard is one of a kind
The meat roasted with excellence withstands the meltdown
presented tough and tastes impeccable



The moment we are all waiting for….
Paul’s eclairs and waffles!

Eclair Paris-Brest

The most famous of all French desserts is this Almond-flaked choux pastry with hazelnut cream and caramelised hazelnuts
Comes from the ancestral recipe of Paul and takes the shape of an Eclair

If you have tried Paul’s chocolate eclair before, you can totally imagine what will this be like
just that it’s in hazelnut cream~


Gaufre avec glace
A buttery waffle laden with fresh berries and soft, creamy vanila ice cream is drizzled over with a rich homemade chocolate sauce


The waffles are crispy and cracks its way through when eaten
Not your usual kind of soft and fluffy waffles
Always best eaten with ice cream!


Paul will also be launch these 2 new flavours of Jam for Christmas
Apricot and Strawberry Jam


You can get them conveniently at any of the Paul outlets listed below


Bon Appetit!

Paul Outlets

1) Takashimaya Shopping Centre #03-16/17
Bakery 6836 1914
Restaurant 6836 5932

2) Tanglin Mall #01-16/17
Bakery 6736 3205Restaurant 6736 3257

3) Ocean Financial Centre Basement 1 #B1-01
Bakery 6634 8580

4) Ocean Financial Centre level 1
Bakery 6634 9068
Restaurant 6634 7686

5) West Gate #01-05
Bakery 6369 9082
Restaurant 6369 9080

6) Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-07
Bakery 6509 8339
Restaurant 6509 8329

7) Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Transit Lounge Central #02-36
Opening soon in Dec 2014


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