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New Blend of Hair Colour with Headlines HairDressing


Can’t quite remember when was the last time I had original and un-dyed hair
Probably that really goes back to Secondary School Days
The reason for having consistent colored hair is this:


Unglamourous grey hair that plagued me since 12
I’ve tried plucking them out but that didn’t work
thank god to having a thick crown compared to the average girl
so I went on to color it when I was in Primary 6
& it has never stopped since


Just before my trip, I had to fill this gap up so I can look nicer in my photos~

Headlines Hairdressing @ China Square Central Level 1 is the most convenient location for me in the CBD area
The largest reason is due to the habitual return to Gary who has made all the decisions for my colors and hairstyle


He was intending to give me a touch up and then decided to just freshen up the tresses so that the previous faded out color will be liven up


Meticulous coloring process keeps unwanted chemicals off my face
There was no additional bleaching required to achieve my eventual color


Just one application, and the color is forming


Gary gave me a multi-faceted shade that always looks different under different angles of light reflection


Love how versatile this can be
Sometimes, it’s grey, blue, green, gold….
After more washes, the fading off process will give me another shade of its own!


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