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National Day NOTD


National Day just passed us
The tutorial was initially scheduled to be launched a week before
but I had such a busy 8 days that it was impossible for me get this prepared
Hope it’s not too late either~

For those who know me well, I tend to have different designs on both left and right hand
The above pic is for my left hand and the one below: right hand




From the previous design, I removed the colours by filing the surface off
thereafter, getting my acrylic infills done
and shaping them to an oval tip


This design works well on square tips too, so it’s mainly personal preference


Using water nail decals from Nailvibe.comCut out the designs that you want to use first


I’m gonna use a row of stars
Cut out in individual designs


Soak them in water before you start painting your nails

Gel Painting


1. Get your Base Gel on and cure it for a minute in LED Lamp
2. Draw White half-moon strips with Gelle color 121 using a liner brush


3. Brush on the red with Gelle color 254


4. Using the liner brush, fill up the gaps with red


5. cure it for a minute in the LED Lamp

Nail Decals


Cleanse the nail surface first before adding on the decals


Taking the decals out of the water and place it where you want them to be
slide the waxed paper off and the designs will remain on your nail!

To Ensure that the decals stay on…
Here’s One IMPORTANT step you shouldn’t miss:

Once the decal is done, Put a layer of base gel on
Followed by Top Gel
The base gel is the crucial step to keep the decal under wraps!

Hope you enjoy this tutorial!


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