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Nail Art Brushes at Vibe

I came to realise more ladies are willing to spend more time on nail art designs now, compared to 3 years ago!
It’s a rather major change in the %  numbers and I consistently get questioned on why I do not sell nail art brushes~

Here you are! At your convenience, 2 basic types of nail art brushes!

The LINER Brush
retailing at S$6.90 [local mail inclusive]


With the liner brush, you are able to create lengthy designs such as the American Flag:


The Nail Art Brush
Retailing at S$5.90 [local mail inclusive]


The Nail Art brush can be used for almost anything:
Leopard Prints, polka dots, flowers etc

Both brushes comes with an individual container for storage after every use!

CARE TIPS for your brushes:
1. Always wash and clean your brushes after every use. Wash with water and maintain using a tiny bit of your facial cleansing oil (make up remover – oil based) to wipe the brush bristles.
2. Always keep the plastic seal back onto the brush to prevent the brush from getting out of shape during storage.

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