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My Zimmer Z Lipo & Z WavePro Fat Reduction Therapy Experience with Dr David Loh

6 weeks ago, I posted on my IG & Facebook about a Cryo-Lipolysis session that I went through with Dr David Loh
The exact description of the whole process is:
2nd generation of Cryo-Lipolysis by Zimmer Aesthetics – the German Engineered technology;
combining the Z Lipo and Z WavePro (Cryo-Lipolysis & US FDA Approved Shockwave)

Prior to this, I had no knowledge of what is fat freezing and no idea that this treatment even existed – so this was an eye-opening experience for me and also hopefully, a shortcut to dieting?

Let me take you through the entire process to give you a better idea of my experience and also the eventual results…

What is Cryo-Lipolysis?

Cryo-Lipolysis is a fat-freezing procedure which is considered an effective method which causes minimal pain and no serious long-lasting side effects.
According to Dr.Ingargiola’s clinical study, this treatment generates an average of 20 percent of localized superficial fat tissue layer reduction after several months, and the triglycerides are evacuated naturally through the lymphatic system and then processed by the liver.

Cryo-Lipolysis is considered an effective method which causes minimal pain and no serious long-lasting side effects.

David Loh Surgery

Upon arriving at David Loh Surgery, I met with the Doctor himself & spent a good 10 minutes on consultation

The conversation went like this…
Dr: “Hello Melva, so tell me about your concerned areas.”
Me: “My whole body?”

*bouts of laughter

So, is it possible to get chilled on all my concerned areas?
YES! Of Course!
Just that you really need time as each area will need 60 minutes

Armed with this blue marker (that all plastic surgeons use in NIP/TUCK & BOTCHED) in hand, Dr David Loh proceeded to draw out my insecurities problem areas that I prefer to be treated right away
The Stubborn Love Handles
& The Bulging Lower Belly

The nurses rolled me into the treatment room and efficiently prepared me both mentally and physically
They managed my expectations on the level of discomfort that I will receive with the Z Lipo process – which turned out to be really alright

What is Z Lipo & Z WavePro?

There are hard to reach areas or fat intensive areas that not even exercise can act on.
The combination of the 2nd generation Cryo-Lipolysis by Zimmer Z Lipo and Z WavePro are two innovative aesthetic machines designed for fat freezing and body contouring in cellulite treatment.
The award-winning product of the year 2016, Z Lipo; is an extremely versatile device that comes with three different applicators (small, medium, large) that are optimized to fit different body shapes and sizes.
It targets fat deposits and chills them down in a controlled manner over a prolonged period, leading to the destruction of the fat cells.
Dead fat cells will be naturally removed through the lymphatic system which takes about 10 to 12 weeks.

Z Lipo Treatment

There are different sizes for the apparatus to be attached to each concerned area
For my love handles, the nurses were using Small
First, they worked on my left side & then proceeded to the right

These “arms” remained on my love handles for the next hour by taking in my fats with high suction powers!


-10 Degrees Celsius!!!!

This is exactly why this treatment is labelled as fat freezing but do I feel the cold?
– not really –


I was really quite bored for this 1 hour while lying like this so I took selfie videos of myself~


Towards the last 10 minutes, the Z Lipo machine did this suck-and-release motion that was quite tickling & I was amused to witness the screen’s animation on what it was doing to my fats~

This may look scary but I couldn’t feel anything except for the fact that these 2 areas were still freezing cold

The Tummy!

It was a relief to be able to flip back to the front and sit up
Now, it was time for the bulging tummy to be treated
The Small Z Lipo arms no longer make the cut so the nurses pulled in the Medium one!

For the next hour, I had this machine attached to me in Vacuum Mode

Z WavePro treatment comes after Z Lipo…

The Z WavePro transmits the radial shockwaves directly and with a high precision into the tissue.
With the use of Radial Pulse Therapy, it delivers comfortable pulses consistently, replacing the need for manual painful vigorous massage in many cryogenic lipolysis protocols.


Studies carried out in 2013 have shown that a shockwave treatment directly after Cryo-Lipolysis by Zimmer Z Lipo and subsequent shockwave treatments once a week for four weeks can almost double the treatment effects with regards to fat reduction.
By combining Z Lipo and Z WavePro together using the technology of Cryo-Lipolysis and radial shockwave, the results of fat reduction are significant.

Post Treatment

I did some research on my own to see how long will the bruising lasts but there was rarely any mention on the internet about this
Though the process of Z Lipo and Z WavePro is painless, the pain actually comes after…
It felt like I’ve just worked out massively in a boot camp and these “muscles” were rendered useless for the next 6 days

The aches and the bruising went away after 6 days and I was normal again!

Where did the fats go?


Ok, I’m still a little embarrassed to show you my imperfect body but I’m proud to announce that

6 weeks on… what used to be stubborn love handles has now been replaced by a much softer hip
I’ve successfully shaved off 1.5 inches off the hips without even working out too hard
This is indeed a shortcut!!

All you need to know about Zimmer Cryo-Lipolysis…

  1. 2nd generation Cryo-Lipolysis by Zimmer Z Lipo and Z WavePro
  2. German Engineered
  3. US FDA approval on the combination shockwave
  4. More than treating just fats! (because it is a combination therapy of Cryo-Lipolysis + US FDA approved shockwave which can also treat cellulite, loose skin etc.)
  5. No side effects
  6. Non-Invasive
  7. Painless treatment
  8. Visible results
  9. Duration: 60 mins
  10. Price: SGD500 per area treatment Z Lipo + Z WavePro

Where to get treated with Z Lipo & Z WavePro?

David Loh Surgery
501 Orchard Road #05-16 Wheelock Place Singapore 238880

iCare Medical and Wellness Clinic
Block 22 Havelock Road #01-701 Singapore 160022

Joy Wellness & Slimming Clinic
6 Napier Road #08-03 Gleneagles Medical Centre Singapore 258499

Patricia Yuen Dermatology
290 Orchard Road #20-04 Paragon Singapore 238859

Prive Aesthetics (NEX)
23 Serangoon Central (NEX) #02-27 Singapore 556083

The Clifford Clinic
24 Raffles Place #01-03 Clifford Centre Singapore 048621

Aesthetic Works Medical Associates
80 Marine Parade Road Parkway Parade #05-06/07 Singapore 449269

Kowayo By E Medi
1 Raffles Link #01-03B Singapore 039393

About Zimmer

About ZIMMER With over 40 years of experience, Zimmer MedizinSystems has become one of the leading European manufacturers for physiotherapy systems and world-market-leader in cold air devices. Innovative cardiologic products, diagnostic products and aesthetic products like hyaluronic fillers or shockwave devices also enhance their product lines.
With modern engineering procedures and an expertly devised Quality Assurance Department for testing, its pioneering leadership sets new standards for the future, while simultaneously fulfilling the standards of today.
Zimmer Aesthetics Singapore:

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