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My Housewife Annual Leave to Brisbane

Late July, I shredded my housewife duties for a week and took off to Brisbane~
It’s not exactly a touristy destination but I’m just gonna make some good time out of it!
The trip started off pretty rough with an intentionally booked red eye flight to catch some sleep on board
& things turned out the exact opposite where it was completely sleepless

Yes, this was where all the bad skin + dark eye circles + #byebyeradiance
setting in before I started the holiday

Unsurprisingly, I managed to catch sunrise too!

Next, my favourite Samsonite chrome luggage is broken
It was only 16kg for a 30 inch baggage!!
How did this happen!!
Thankfully, SQ beared all responsibilities and compensated with a depreciated price estimate

Car Rental from HERTZ
For obvious reasons: accumulating KrisFlyers Miles!

Picking the travel buddy…

  1. She needs to be mostly available during weekdays
  2. Loves shopping as much as I do so that we can really GO PLACES

Thanks Stella for the great company and for driving me everyday!

As usual, the mandatory headboard shot after checking into our serviced apartment at Meriton Suites Brisbane

The Littlest Sightseeing 

Weather was at comfortable teens
Love it when my makeup doesn’t melt despite walking in the park with sunshine
I arranged for all the sightseeing to be done in the very next morning upon arriving so that we can get it over and done with to focus on shopping


Hopping on the Brisbane River City Cruise was in fact the easiest way out to see the highlights of the city!
The total trip took an hour & half
There was also some cakes and tea served but I avoided everything and took a spot on the top deck to prevent motion sickness from setting in


I know, the colour of the water was not exactly an interesting sight but there was a decent explanation for it
Somewhere along the lines of the color of the sediments in the water
& it’s definitely not due to the cleanliness of the river water

<in the day>

“Until it was completed the bridge was known as the Jubilee Bridge in honour of King George V. It was opened on 6 July 1940 by Sir Leslie Orme Wilson, Governor of Queensland and named after John Douglas Story, a senior and influential public servant who had advocated strongly for the bridge’s construction.”


<in the evening>

“In 1926 Kangaroo Point was recommended by the Brisbane City Council’s Cross River Commission. Subsequently the bridge was constructed as a public works program during the Great Depression. The cost was to be no more than 1.6 million.”


When it comes to prestige property in Brisbane, it’s hard to beat a waterfront estate.
Johnston Dixon Quality Property director Josephine Johnston-Rowell said river frontage “makes a property unique”.
“Today there are less than 850 absolute riverfront properties in Brisbane, a number that diminishes each year as properties lose their river frontage through development or rezoning,” said Ms Johnston-Rowell, a riverfront and prestige property specialist.
This, combined with population growth, has driven “incredible capital growth” for riverfront properties.
“Their greater popularity is not just driven by the exceptional historic year-on-year capital growth, but equally by the desire to have something which is in very limited supply, and that offers certain unique lifestyle benefits,” she said.
Rare and tightly held, Sarah Hackett from Place Estate Agents Bulimba said these properties are worth the price.
On that eastern stretch of the river there are only 300-odd homes, so the demand is strong but there’s never a lot of stock,” she said.


After some drooling over the unattainable houses by the river, we hopped off and continued on to yet another ride on the Wheel of Brisbane


Similar to the London Eye & The Singapore Flyer, nothing’s too exciting about it
It’s just something we ought to do since we’re there…



We also took a stroll along the SouthBank Parklands
Ok, the river cruise and the Wheel of Brisbane are all located in SouthBank Parklands

That was how easy it was to park our rented vehicle and complete all the sightseeing within a morning

Some sightseeing in the evening too

Treasury Casino and Hotel Brisbane

Customs House

These shots were coincidental as we were on the way to our dinner place!

The Customs House Restaurant


It was as good as empty & then we realised that diners prefer to have their dinner in alfresco style while we were afraid of the cold


A standard cosmopolitan works wonders everywhere, anywhere, anytime!

Customs House Winter Pop Up Bar

“In partnership with Absolut Vodka, Customs House is opening a winter pop-up bar that is set to turn up the heat.”


Sneaked in coz there was a minimum spending required to occupy this ‘igloo’ & it was in thousands~



Of course, we stopped by Queen Street Mall – the heart of Brisbane’s Shopping district
Queen Street Mall is not a mall
It represents the entire stretch of shopping with various malls and shops along the streets
It was good, but not the best so we make do

Harbour Town Outlets was about an hour’s drive away from the city of Brisbane
It was all worth it!

We clocked an average of 15,000 steps a day
It was a worthy workout!


The best shopping was found in hypermarts like Target and KMart

There was a day we drove by a suburb mall — Indooroopilly

We shopped for 8 hours straight, only stopping for a cuppa hot chocolate for 20 minutes
It was a GEM and the best find for the trip!

All because we headed for University of Queensland & found this suburb!

University of Queensland

Mr R misses his campus and so he wanted me to take a selfie with the compound
This was the very reason why we took a short drive over to snap some photos!

Alright, this concluded the end of our trip
Back to being a housewife!

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