My first Run in the Last 12 months!


The last 6.8km run I did was still quite fresh in my mind
That was mid March 2012 in Botanical Gardens!

It’s been a good 12 months!
All excuses are no longer valid…
+ the fact that I busted the zippers of my new dress today
contributes to my slight depression…

I bought a new pair of Adidas Trainers to motivate myself!
& Here’s my virgin escapade with them!

The Scale was the ultimate Truth that convinced me I’m back to my POST CNY weight and something NEEDS to be done!
2 KG of good food packed in my flabs~
I was still slurping up Abalone slices in Green Curry before the run..


3.35km in 24.5 minute
That’s TERRIBLE!!!!!
I could have packed 5km in that timing easily 2 years ago!

The starting and ending points aren’t connected coz I gave up!
Walked back in dismay….

180 calories ain’t even gonna burn the Belachan Fried Rice + Green Curry + Omelette that I happily gobbled down in MooJaa!

For everyone who’s reading this & would like to find motivation for getting back in Shape…
Get a dress-size smaller and try fitting it everyday
Clothes Don’t Lie!


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