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Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Straightening Hair Treatment at Headlines HairDressing


Gary from Headlines Hairdressing has been dictating my hairstyles for the last couple of years
I usually have a fixated opinion of what I want and would get upset when the stylist is unable to deliver
However, I’ve been comfortably heading right back to Headlines diligently for 2 good reasons:
1. Proximity
2. Professionally enhancing my locks


Ever since Headlines Hairdressing opened its 2nd outlet at International Plaza,
there is an additional option for me to head to depending on wherever I am


Propping myself comfortably after running away from the office of course
Getting a deserving pampered Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Straightening Hair Treatment

The original intention was to have Gary trim my thick tresses as it’s taking a toll on my arms every single time I take a shower
This is an honest problem and it’s very likely that I build some triceps while washing my hair
Gary likes my hair to remain thick and he suggested me to go through the DYNA treatment to smoothen the locks and makes it much easier for me to handle on a day to day basis


The best way to explain this treatment to you is to relate it to the traditional Rebonding treatment we used to go crazy over in the past
Remember how every girl is considered trendy only if she had rebonded hair in school?

However this is not actual Rebonding as our hair is actually damaged after being rebonded
The Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Straightening Hair Treatment is truly a HAIR TREATMENT that:

  • Reduce Frizzy hair
  • Prevent further hair damage
  • Make hair shinier
  • Prevent split ends
  • Last 6 months and above
  • 100% No Formaldehyde


The Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Straightening Hair Treatment consists of the above 4 step course:

DYNA After (Pink)
Tea lead extract formula (moisturize the hair) and deodorizing effect.

DYNA CA (Green)
To maintain the hair straightness and softness in a natural finish.

DYNA CCA (Yellow)
Change and turn around hair texture. Gives hair a sleek and glossy finish.

This product is able to relax a curly of color damage hair Gives hair a soft and naturual finish.


What is Argan Oil?

DYNA, the Argan Oil treatment has created the solutions to all hair problems
Argan Oil is the world’s most expensive plant oil
The oil is produced from the kernels of the Argan tree, which is extremely well adapted to drought and other environmentally difficult conditions in southwestern Morocco
It is the most expensive plant oil on earth because only 1 litre of oil can be extracted from 100kg of argan-tree berriesArgan oil is anti-aging oil and it is said that Cleopatra loved
This oil defends women’s skin and hair from the strong sun shine in Morocco


The Process

1. Hair Wash
2. Application of DYNA treatment
3. Hair Iron straighting
4. Application of DYNA treatment to seal the straightness
5. Hair Wash

For my shoulder length hair, the entire process only took 2 hours with the help of Gary + assistant


With my naturally straight hair, it is definitely easier for the stylists to apply and go through the DYNA process with me
However the thick texture makes it difficult for me to manage daily
I was really excited to know how DYNA can change my hair-chores for me



Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Straightening Hair Treatment at Headlines HairDressing range from late $200s and up
(mostly depending on your hair length)

Quote MELVA for a 10% discount!


After the treatment, I was absolutely pleased and happy with how soft and straight my hair was!
Most importantly, I know I did not do any chemical damage to it to achieve how this looks!

collage hair

Knowing me, I love to do up different hair styles everyday, matching my outfit of the day
Bunning up and tying my hair up at home every day usually gives you a permanent BEND
Like a wave line in the middle of the head
showing people that you do tie you hair

With this DYNA straightening treatment, after every hairwash is like a brand new hair day
It just falls down straightly as seen above


2 months after…

No breakage
No frizzy ends


My hair is still as straight and easy to manage as when I last stepped out of the salon!


 Get your DYNA hair treatment with Headlines HairDressing
Quote MELVA for a 10% discount!

 10 Anson Road International Plaza #03-32 Singapore 079903
18 cross street #01-15 china square central Singapore 048423




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