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Mr R’s Birthday Week


Last week was totally eventful~
Filled with planned surprises for Mr R!
He’s definitely a regular character now on my social media space and friends DO walk up and say:

“Hi Mr R!”

He’s also getting used to being known as that~
So I’ve gotten it all panned out in executing the daily surprises for the man who just turned 40
& also the same man who remains as the biggest kid I’m going to care for~
40 is definitely NOT the new 30
40 is REAL HARD truth punching you in the face and leaving some wrinkle marks to remind you that 50 is your next milestone

So, Happy Birthday Mr R!
You will always be special to me~

Surprise Monday


A Patrick plushie was given
I basically taobao-ed a bunch of Patrick Star items for him!

If you’re wondering what’s Patrick Star….


you know? From Spongebob Squarepants?
That’s his favourite
Akin to my love for TsumTsum
Don’t ask me why he likes this~

Surprise Tuesday


A Patrick Star Thumbdrive to keep the momentum up to the end of the week where the surprises get larger and larger

Surprise Wednesday


A Patrick Star travel pillow that will permanently remain on our decorated couch
It’s gonna be odd if a grown man carries this to a flight~

Since it’s a growing surprise, today comes with an extra punch!


A Patrick Star foil balloon which I could have taobao-ed but given the short time frame,
I purchased it off

I received this 10 min before Mr R came home for dinner
Frantically figuring out how to get Patstar blown up
I used a straw and blew it up but I didn’t seal it properly
so it’s been losing air as the day goes by~
As of now, the legs are gone already

His face was priceless when he came home and saw Patstar by the dining table
When all he expected was food on the table
btw, the photo above was taken on Saturday night (3 days after Patstar was blown =p)

Surprise Thursday


Probably the best day of the week
Coz it’s the last workday of the short week & also coz there’s a scheme between me and Mr R’s co-worker to surprise him with PatStar Cupcakes!
The original time to deliver his cupcakes was 4pm however Mr R suddenly had a change of plan
That made us all fumbled up!

Thank god was prompt in preparing the 40 cupcakes and made them available for my pickup within a few hours notice!!!!


These are my favourite designs! gave me a mix of chocolate and red velvet cupcakes, fits the general tastebuds for a party
Contact Hilary at for more inquiries
She will also be baking my 2 tier wedding rainbow cake in May!


Back to the birthday boy~
Thanks to his colleagues who swiftly smuggled me into his office and helped to hide me
ONE MINUTE after I settled down, I heard his voice
They told him to come into the function room coz someone bought him tori karaage as his bday gift
Then… .he saw the pink hair!


*waving frantically at him
He was so surprised!!!

Thanks to everyone who coordinated, making this a success!
Mr R deserves to be happy!

Surprise Friday


Actually no photos was taken on Friday coz we walked 10,000 steps between Tangs, Paragon, Takashimaya and Ion
I was completely exhausted (also coz he woke me up excitedly at 8.30am)

Friday’s plan was to take him to his parents’ place where they whipped up a fantastic meal
I ended up in a food coma that night
We finished the night with some slices of birthday cake for Mr R!

Surprise Saturday


I picked his outfit the night before and told him to wear this for this Special surprise
I chose to wear jeans on myself
(Jeans is a super rare thing for me, I NEVER wear jeans – so He thought that I was bringing him to the beach or something since I didn’t want to invite insect bites on my legs)
He finds my whole outfit bizarre

As usual, the day started with going to Vibe to tend shop and work
I wrapped up 30 min earlier so we can be at Vivo by 5.30pm
I took the wheel and he was looking really suspicious in the passenger seat
He told me he has 3 guesses on what the surprise would be
All of them were so cliche and WRONG
NO Sentosa Beach
NO RWS Aquarium Meal coz I’ve read bad reviews

As we were nearing Vivo, he thought he was right
We’re enroute to Sentosa!
Until I told him… well ya~
“We’re parking at Vivo and then take the monorail into Sentosa to save parking costs! 
Since it’s your first time taking the monorail, it should be very meaningful right?”

Mr R: “Let me pay for parking, can you please keep left and turn into Sentosa right now? I DON’T WANT TO TAKE THE MONORAIL!”


Eventually, when he realised we were walking towards Golden Village
He let out a silent relief… (yay.. it’s a movie!)
& then into Gold Class
He got excited! (yay… Gold Class!)


Batman V Superman
Dawn of Justice Set

I purchased this about 3 weeks before when GV launched the promotion
He’s been wanting to watch this since forever
Despite reading mixed reviews, I thought superhero fans will still watch it nonetheless

So we arrived at 5.30pm for the Welcome mocktail drink~ which was just apple juice and sprite
Simple and yummy!

He’s a happy man!


Before the movie started, we were served the beer!


The burger turns out to be real tiny
I thought it looks decent on the promotional brochure but I was very wrong
Eating in the dark is no fun
I would rather have popcorn than anything else in future~ =p


After the movie was done…
Mr R – still hungry from that tiny and unfulfilling burger
asked me to direct him to Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak!!!!!!
I queued up while he went to park the car and he got back in time to dictate what he wants
This is for him only!
11.30pm is not exactly time for a snack~

Ok, I ate the otahs and the popcorn chicken
I have to highlight that I also finished that bowl of chili there


This is the best park!

Surprise Sunday


Debut of my new transparent Clutch
courtesy of Skycart 
I brought him out to dinner @ National Gallery, Aura


I checked out different menus and I think he’d like this more
Italian is always his kind of thing~

He went to read some reviews so that he knows what to order
He read many unpleasant reviews and after our experience, we thought that Aura totally didn’t deserve them!


My appetizer
Scallops Crudo with Truffle


His appetizer
Grilled Octopus with Crispy Egg


My Main
Spaghetti with Crab and Porcini


His Main
Pappardelle with Oxtail and Mushroom

ok, the presentation of the food is really not appetising
but EVERY single dish was absolutely wonderful!

Service was impeccable and food was prompt
I have no idea why there were so many bad reviews to start with
It’s so good that Mr R is back at Aura for dinner tonight =)

Birthday Gift

As if the whole week wasn’t enough…
yes, I presented Mr R with the ultimate gift


Printed this Panerai Luminor in A4 and wrote a birthday card behind
I bought him a PANERAI WATCH…. strap
Only had budget for the straps ya~ the face of the watch may require another 20 years of savings
To replace his current one which has battled the daily wear and tear to be torn and tattered

Even after placing my order at the Panerai boutique @ Ion
The straps did not manage to arrive in time for his birthday
hence I resorted to printing this as an advance voucher first until it arrives…


Happy blessed 40th my love!


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