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Movie Review: The Visit


 Without even watching the trailer, I booked tickets to support M. Night Shyamalan in The Visit
As an ardent Horror Fan, I’ve taken an absolute liking for horror movies by BlumHouse Productions
Like Insidious, Sinister & Paranormal Activity
All of which, I’ve always been there on the very week the movie screens!


With a self-funded $5 million, M. Night Shyamalan created magic once again
If you have watched The Village and The Sixth Sense before, you should be able to guess the similar angle M. Night Shyamalan took to direct this movie
Anchored with a definite twist at the end that makes your jaw drop and ask yourself why didn’t you realise this at the start of the movie?!

With just 5 main cast in the movie, we have a simple plot of 2 kids visiting their grandparents
Taken from the view of Becca who’s doing a videography project
It brought me all ‘Blair Witch’ and I had to close my eyes for some moments to avoid feeling sick
It’s definitely not shaky all the way, half the time the movie was still…


It may be uncommon in the American culture to allow kids below 16 to travel on their own to another town
but I guess this definitely will not happen here in Singapore where parents are largely paranoid and protective
Becca took her younger brother Tyler and boarded the train to visit their grandparents~


The very cheeky Tyler turns out to be the Star of the movie
Despite The Visit being categorised as a horror/thriller
Tyler cracked it up with humour that sends the audience some form of relaxation before getting all startled up again
Catch how natural  he inserted the names of female pop singers like Shakira and Katy Perry in place of vulgarities that boys his age shouldn’t be using


Sweet ol’ Nana looked so harmless
Always baking and making food for the kids
She gets all creepy and scary after 9.30pm every night, behaving like she’s possessed or running around like no other grandmothers her age will


Nana’s transition of expressions swiftly makes you uncomfortable and wonder why is she behaving so strangely all the time


An old woman in a rocking chair laughing hysterically to herself is quite a freaky thing especially when she’s laughing to nothing
Becca originally thought Nana was watching telly but she’s very wrong….


Of course, Nana has a partner in crime – Pop Pop
Who goes all shady in the shed outside the house and told the kids to never go to the basement of the house
Ironically, kids love to do otherwise


The mother of the 2 kids appear mostly through FaceTime
She can’t see much of her kids cause Nana ruined the laptop camera with detergent

download (1)

I love the weird feeling the plot gives you
Makes you wonder all the time what’s normal and what’s not
There’s basically no gore, no horror scenes but it still makes you feel completely petrified
That’s the beauty of M. Night Shyamalan

Official Trailer



Two children named Becca and Tyler go visit their grandparents for the first time ever. The mom who is a single mother has had problems with her parents in the past, so decides not to accompany her children. That’s why then Becca decides to make a documentary during their visit with their grandparents to reconnect their mother with them. During the process of the documentary Tyler and Becca discover that there grandparents are not only acting weird but are also hiding a dark secret.

Credit: Sophia Villatoro,


Olivia DeJonge as Becca

Ed Oxenbould as Tyler

Deanna Dunagan as Na Na

Peter McRobbie as Pop Pop

Kathryn Hahn as Mom

Directed By


Goes without any introduction..

M. Night Shyamalan


Be sure to catch awkward Nana on your big screens this week!


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