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Movie Review: The Taking of Tiger Mountain


< The Taking of Tiger Mountain > was released last week on 8th January
Pardon my late review
But here it is!


Tsui Hark’s latest action blockbuster production
The Taking of Tiger Mountain was shown to the audience in China in December 2014 and received a tremendous response with the Chinese box office
The movie will also be released in USA

The Cast


Gracing the movie with names such as Lin Gengxin, Tony Leung and Tong Liya
I accepted the movie invite without even reading the synopsis
Just because I am bias towards Lin Gengxin and would watch any of his works


Lin Gengxin’s role in the movie is as 203
That was what everyone in his “team” address him by
Unit 203 of the Liberation Army is headed by Lin Gengxin, hence, for short he was also called 203
I am usually not a fan of battle and war movies (with grenades and bullets flying around)
But the witty plot for this has taken over my personal preference for non-battle films


It wasn’t until an hour into the movie before I realised the head of the bandits is actually played by Tony Leung
Other than the witty plot and the 3D animated effects for battle shots

The make up for the bandits was also exceptional
Tony Leung very much looked like “Penguin” from Batman
And I wonder if all bandits in the 1946 era look like monsters


Set mainly in Northeastern China, the entire movie was covered with snow
Watching it makes you feel their cold as well

Common problems like frostbite required immediate medical attention for the soldiers and villagers
This was where Tong Liya, the medical welfare officer for the army came in


What you can expect:

A troop of soldiers greatly outnumbered
30 vs 300
Cleverly plotted attacks and defense lines for the village
Created a smoke screen to fool the bandits
And a little wild imagination of an alternative ending

I’ll leave you with more pictures of the movie and read on for the official trailer






Official Trailer


Adapted from the famous Chinese novel “Tracks in the Snowy Forest” set during the civil war era of 1946, when ruthless bandits occupied Northeastern China and threatened the lives of civilians there. The most powerful bandit of all was Mountain Eagle (Tony LEUNG Ka-fai), with an impenetrable fortress up in Tiger Mountain and armed with strong artillery. Unit 203 of the Liberation Army, led by SHAO (LIN Gengxin), was crossing the Northeastern region when they encountered Eagle’s men raiding a village. SHAO decided to stay and fight against Eagle. Headquarters sent a skilled investigator YANG (ZHANG Hanyu), who infiltrated Eagle’s gang as an undercover. The duo was soon engaged in a battle of wits with the cold-blooded Eagle, deep inside the snowy forest.


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