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Movie Review: The Black Death

TBD 27x40

The Black Death opens yesterday
Rated M18 – Gore & Violence
Not much of a horror film unless you find zombies horrifying
It’s more of a small thrill to be watching the undead get slashed off by the heads


What to Expect

1) Unnatural Zombies – If you’re exposed to the drama series Walking Dead, you are likely to be disappointed by the weak acting skills of the zombies
2) Eye Candies in the male and female leads who are the latest sensation in Thailand



3) Blood and Sores – I can’t imagine how much fake blood and zombie-makeup was used for such a large project


4) Daunting Abs and A flash of tits – “Bua” the female blacksmith and swordsman of the village has the bod that every woman would die for! With the traditional outfits, you can expect lots of cleavage from the actresses and a flash of tits when “Bua” was raped
That was seriously the highlight of a zombie film.


Official Trailer

Official Synopsis

From historical records and archives, it has been told that in the year 2111 BE or 449 years ago King Bayinnaung as the army commander of Hanthawaddy has led his soldiers through Mae Lamao Outpost in Tak Province planning to invade Ayutthaya. The army kept attacking the kingdom until it was conquested and finally became Hanthawaddy’s vassal state in 2112 BE. However, it has also been told that Ayutthaya did not collapse because of the war but evidently because of something else.


During the war between Ayutthaya and Hanthawaddy in the year 2108 BE, there was a tale about a dreadful epidemic that had not been documented. The epidemic is basically known as Cholera, but this time it has gone further by transforming itself into a deadlier kind of infectious disease. During the disaster, the dead ones were brought back to life in the form of revengeful and satanic zombies that kept chasing after people and endlessly spreading the virus, regardless of age, gender and class, so that the infected would surrender and became one of them. No one could escape, not even monk, baby, children, adolescent or elderly. They did not spare a life. And unfortunately, the virus was so fatal that it could not be cured by medicinal plants and could not be stopped by weapons.


The last group of survivors was trying to escape the threat. Kong (Pongsakorn “Toey” Mettarikanont), a temple boy, was in love with Mian (Sonya Singha), a daughter of a well-known wealthy man of the village. They both valued their love above anything else and decided to runaway together. The other survivors are Kwan (Tanapol “Tab AF” Mahathorn) a playboy and regular customer of a brothel, Ploy (Apa “Maggie” Pawilai) a deaf-mute prostitute who possessed a true beauty, Bua (Viri “Soda” Ladaphan) a female blacksmith and swordsman with a fearless infighting skill, Chan (Chalat “Neung” Na Songkhla) a selfish and greedy brothel owner who was Bua’s real enemy and his loyal followers Lek (Pruek Rattanathitinun) and Noi (Chananan Sittidet). No matter love or hate, they all had to pack together if they wish to survive.


However, there is also a drunkard from faraway called Thep (Gandhi Wasuvichayagit) who was in fact a former great swordsman during the war against Hanthawaddy. He was the only person who happened to know the only method to cease the existence of those zombies, which is to behead them, chopping their heads off completely. But how could a handful of people confront a huge mass of the extremely inhumane zombies? And how could you rest your mind believing that everyone would be able to escape?


Or is all of this a mere premonition that this apocalypse would lead to the inevitable downfall of Ayutthaya?

Directed & Produced by

Chalermchatri “Adam” Yugala

Unfolded Mysteries

1) How “Ploy” was abused by her employer in one scene that left her with open slashing wounds on her back and those wounds disappeared on the next scene


2) How the damsel “Mian” survived the entire night out in the jungle filled with zombies


3) How eye candy “Kong” managed to stay put till the end of the show running through floods of zombies with no weapons


4) How their love story lasted till the very last minute of the movie


As usual, leaving you with the movie stills….
If you had a bad week, this zombie chomping action movie may allow you to release your inner frustrations, watching the leads slashing the undead is just like playing an episode of video game in Resident Evil!


















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