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Movie Review: O.T Ghost Overtime


An unusual horror themed movie injected with bouts of humour from Thailand
Opens last Thursday at all Golden Village Cinemas and FilmGarde Bugis+


The elements of horror and comedic scenes were nicely blended
The movie did not come across as ‘spoof-like’ since the plot was original
The comedic parts were more unexpected than the horror parts and that kept me entertained throughout
As we all know, Thai Horror movies are generally scarier than other Asian horror movies made
The injection of humour made the experience a light hearted one


The bosses of the company enjoy pulling off pranks on their employees who work overtime in the office
With such scares, they actually got into trouble when 2 employees ran away frantically and fell to their death
The ghosts of the 2 employees were said to be haunting the office ever since

Despite the terrible mistake, the bosses never learnt from it and continued scaring the employees
The creative pranks were the parts that will amuse you greatly
Leaving you to wonder who actually died and who are just acting as ghosts….


Things got more and more bizarre after the bosses received a project to plan a prank-filled wedding in a supposedly haunted hotel venue
A string of haunting events left the audience wondering what was actually true and what was just pretentious


The female employees of the company who easily got afraid of spooky stories, let alone experiencing them
Though they were plotted to be dead, but till the end, I did not have an idea whether they were truly dead
You’ve got to watch it and let me know =p


The 3 main leads of the movie
Charismatic bosses of the company
I would have believed them if they played those pranks on me
However, I would have been too spooked to even continue working for them


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O.T. Ghost Overtime continues the story from film O.T. in the omnibus 3AM.
After being spooked by the ghosts in their office, Karan (Shahkrit Yamnarm) and Tee (Ray Macdonald) have made it out alive, though they now suffered hallucination and paranoia. They can’t use the elevator, and they have to constantly checking if the person standing next to them is actually a human and not a ghost. But still, the two bosses still play ghost-pranks on their employees. This time, they’re joined by a new partner Badin (Ananda Everingham). They tease and spook the staff who stay late in the evening to claim overtime. But things always get spookier late at night in this unusual company.
This time, together they will have to rescue the company from a critical condition while experience unexpected events in their own office. Their staff who loves working overtime will be part of this misadventure.

 Watch Trailer here:


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