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Movie Review: Let’s Eat!


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Ah Yong Café, a reputable cafe famous for its Hainanese Chicken Rice, has been a popular eatery since the 80’s. While business now is nowhere near its heydays, it still attracts a steady flow of regular customers. Showing signs of dementia, restaurant owner Ah Yong (Lo Hoi Pang) decides to retire, he entrusts the café to his apprentice cum head Chef Dai Hung (Chapman To) and his daughter Rosemary (Aimee Chan), who has just returned from Europe. Rosemary is adamant about revolutionizing Ah Yong Café to cater to a younger crowd and has no qualms about using lower-grade ingredients to bring costs down. This infuriates Dai Hung, a principled chef who only serves food made from the freshest ingredients and focuses on keeping the tradition of the café. The two soon becomes loggerheads as they disapprove of each other’s style of working. Initially, the revamped Ah Yong Café bustles with business with the newly introduced menu and gimmicks, however, the lack-lustre food soon causes the business to suffer and draw flakes from customers and critics. One particular harsh review from the infamous but anonymous food blogger Michelin caused the dwindling business to suffer even further. The regular customers stop patronizing the café and the new customers are turned off. Indignant and determined to save the reputation of Ah Yong Café and revive its business, Rosemary decides to enter a cooking competition organized by a regional television channel. In the face of predicament, Dai Hung and Rosemary make up and join forces to create a dish for the competition. Rosemary finally understands the true meaning of good food and love, yet, Dai Hung goes missing on the day of the competition…

Directed by


Chapman To is a Hong Kong actor who became a household name after starring in the highly popular TV series My Date with A Vampire. Later on, Chapman moved on to the big screen and catapulted into stardom after bagging the Best Supporting Actor award at the Hong Kong Film Award for his role as Silly Qiang in Infernal Affairs (2002). Besides acting, Chapman has also helmed several productions as Producer, including Trivial Matters, Diva, and the award-winning Isabella, which stars Isabella Leong and himself. Chapman’s latest production, Sara, was released to huge critical acclaim. The Hong Kong psychological thriller starring Charlene Choi and Simon Yam won several awards, including Best Actress and Best Actor awards at Macau International Movie Festival. Most recently, Chapman co-founded Dream Moon, a Malaysia-based film production company with Malaysian producer cum director Adrian Teh. Let’s Eat will be Chapman’s directorial debut.



Chapman To
Aimee Chan
Lo Hoi Pang
Patricia Mok
C Kwan
Tommy Kuan
Daphne Low






5th February 2016

Every Chinese New Year, we can expect debuts of movies to cure boredom especially this 2016
where it’s an extremely long weekend!
We have plenty of movie to go to with our families!

<<Let’s Eat!>> is such a comedy genre suitable for family outings
I’m not sure about you but I’d love to watch movies on CNY holidays to lighten up my mood and also buy time since nothing else is open for business on the streets~


Thank you Clover Films for the lovely invite to the Gala Premiere of <<Let’s Eat!>> just last Monday where I get to meet Chapman To again
2nd year running
seems like it’s gonna be a tradition somewhat that he will be working on more projects to bring his hilarious ideas to the movie industry in Singapore & Malaysia


Incorporating Singaporean’s favourite past time: EATING GOOD FOOD
Aimee Chan as a chef is definitely not as convincing as Chapman To
So it’s great that the cooking act was left to Chapman

I was pretty sure that Aimee Chan shot this movie just after giving birth to her first son with Moses Chan
& upon seeing her at the Gala Premiere, she’s glamourously pregnant again!
Looking very radiant on this promotional activity, she completely wows the crowd!



Like what we can all imagine, Chapman To’s movies will keep you laughing with his sense of humour
Perfect for this festivity~
Hop on down to the nearest theatres to catch <<Let’s Eat!>>




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