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Movie Review: Ghost Ship

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First horror movie review of the year!
It’s a Thai Horror Movie~
In the past, Thai horror movies garnered a hoard of horror fans after <Shutter>, with a reputation of producing the scariest horror movies of the time
Unfortunately, that title is fast moving away
Nonetheless, Ghost Ship is a very entertaining one with some predictable twists


Watch the Trailer first!


“Ghost Ship” (Mon Son Phi) is a horror starring teenage cast as three Mon sailors on a large fishing vessel, adrift in the dark, mysterious sea. They’re Kala, Yola and Solui, and their high-sea adventure begins when they discover the corpse of a woman, who turns out to be the wife of a mafia leader who controls the harbour. The sailors are in a tight situation, because they know that the woman they found was also the lover of Nick, the son of their captain.

Who killed her?
How did her corpse end up on the ship?
How will the mafia react?
If news of the corpse found on board leaks, will the trio be accused of murder?

The three young men decide to hide the corpse, but things get horrifying when the corpse disappears. Soon, strange incidents keep happening to the sailors, and they’re convinced that there are more than just one ghost haunting the ship.  Worse, they can’t run, as they’re in high sea and being haunted by vengeful spirits.


Directed by

Phontharis Chotkijsadarsopon 

An award-winning art director well-known in Thailand & an expert in Mon tradition supervising the entire shoot to ensure cultural accuracy


Bhuvadol Vejvongsa as KALA
Timethai Plangslip as SOLUI
Pongsatorn Sripinta as YOLA
Sean Jindachot as NICK
Nutcha Jeka as MIAH
Day Thaitanium as TAO


Shot on a real fishing boat, the film aim to create suspense out at sea
Very much reminds me of the Korean thriller I reviewed last year: Movie Review: Haemoo


All the required elements were promptly placed in the movie
We have the good looking dude, “Nick”


The sweet young thing, “Mia”


The funny guy, “Yola”


I would say, there were more moment of laughter than being terrified
That’s good for movie-goers who swings in between the categories of wanting to be scared yet not too terrified

Movie opened yesterday, 7th Jan 2016
Amidst the blockbusters showing now, and if you can’t get tickets for them, you can definitely opt for Ghost Ship



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