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Movie Review: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2


In 2011, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart Part 1 was screened.
I caught it and have never expected that there will be a part 2 three years after

We were left off with Chen Zixin (Gao Yuan Yuan) making the utmost decision to be with “Martian” Fang Qihong (Daniel Wu)
Both Zhang Shenran (Louis Koo) and Fang Qihong chased Chen Zixin back to her hometown in Suzhou
We were also shown that the actual Hotel being under construction in the first installment of the movie and eventually the wedding venue of Chen Zixin and Fang Qihong
Which Zhang Shenran climbed the exterior of the building as if he was simply rock climbing


Louis Koo
Being the eternal heart throb
never cease to be that attractive man with a tan so even and a lean physique
I definitely do not remember him aging a single bit since I watched him on TVB 10 years ago
When the story ended with Chen Zixin choosing the goody two shoes Fang Qihong in the 2011 installment
I was indeed quite smashed
I could not understand why such a rational decision was made
Being younger then, I would have been fighting for LOVE and chose Zhang Shenran despite his cheating history
I can now concur with that rational decision to marry someone who treats you well instead of following your heart and choosing true
Then this movie took me to yet another level of emotional crisis
(It would be a spoiler if I spelt out the crisis)


Daniel Wu, named as a special guest appearance in this movie
has the chance to speak and definitely more than 5 scenes
Daniel Wu fans need not worry


On November 11,
Singles’ Day
Clover Films invited us to watch the premiere of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2
Coinciding with the theme, I brought along a single friend as well~

A Romantic Comedy is probably the best thing that can happen to you after a tiring day of work
We had a bunch of very reactive audience
Where there’s just bouts of harmonious laughter and I can hear people sobbing when the characters in the movie have to make difficult decisions in their relationships


2 new characters were added on to this 2nd installment
With Yang Yangyang (Miriam Yeung) as the financial guru on par with Zhang Shenran in terms of business
Yang Yangyang has no lack of money, seemed to be living the life every woman wanted
but she demonstrated a very honest glimpse in life
Where some women just can’t do parallel parking for their cars, not to mention a white Ferrari in this case
Which positively turns out to be the best excuse for men to help you out


Zhang Shenran swivels around town with a white topless Maserati
The hot pink interiors are totally to die for!
He’s your typical playboy with many tricks up his sleeves and attempts to flawlessly date air crews from different airlines


Vic Zhou
Famously known for being part of the “Flower Boys” in a Taiwan drama
I can still remember girls going gaga over him and his stage name at that time was “Zai Zai”
which I think has been left behind with times
He’s carrying a much more mature image right now
As Chen Zixin’s elder brother in the movie, his role is an addition to the film to create more confusion when Yang Yangyang assumed that he was the groom to Chen Zixin which led on to more misunderstandings and a fight between Louis Koo and Daniel Wu

Vic Zhou and Miriam make an unlikely pair and they share a close relationship with a “CGI-ed” octopus
That was pure humour


The film is screening right now
Catch some interviews with the stars themselves in the video below:



After losing his girl in a love triangle, Shen Ran falls in love with another woman, only to find himself still attached to his old flame. Meanwhile, his new love also finds herself torn between him and another young man.


Miriam Yeung, Louis Koo, Gao Yuan Yuan, Vic Chou, Daniel Wu

Directed by

Johnnie To


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