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Movie Review: Conjuring Spirit – First Vietnamese Horror Movie I watched

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Posting my review at this time of the day is very apt for a horror movie!
The horror thrill in me spiked my mood for watching the special preview of Conjuring Spirit on a Tuesday evening
The Vietnamese horror movie officially opens on 14th May – last Thursday

The horror genre has never been mainstream
Getting friends to even watch a mild horror film together is just so difficult all the time
I kind of gave up after a while and decided to catch the films on TV instead
But it’s NEVER the SAME!


Conjuring Spirit is a relatively “friendly” horror movie
For movie-goers who are not that fond of selecting this but would spare a thought to give horror a try
This would be considered the entry level kind of movie
to introduce you to the sphere of scary films
And hopefully, you can move up the stages of horror-tolerance gradually


As with almost all horror plots, there will be the following elements:
– moving into a new haunted home
– having a kid who has an imaginery friend
– the kid gets terrorized later on
– Ghost in Red dress
– the lead actress in the shower
– ghost haunting the lead actress in the shower
– blood/(in this case in Conjuring Spirit, it’s mud) flows out of the taps instead of water
– uncovering the reason for the haunting – finding the body of the ghost
– revealing the sad story of the lost soul

Expect to find ALL of these in Conjuring Spirit


Phuong Mai (Lead actress) achieved her initial fame being known as Vietnam’s Super Model
She will be flaunting her bod throughout the movie which I guess did not give her enough time to focus on acting
Entry level acting skills for most of the cast here
But in any case, we get the gist


Plot is simple and straightforward
Including a musical box that is very commonly used as an item that brings on the hauntingsIn fact, the movie poster gave a more horrifying effect than the movie did


Subjectively, this is a Level One for me if I were to grade Horror Movies
However, it might not be the same for the general non-horror movie-goers
It’s definitely a first for me to watch a Vietnamese film, let alone a horror one
Having to watch out for the movie subtitles wasn’t that tiring honestly


We get to check out this eye candy as well
As the male lead but with about half the screen time compared to Phuong Mai, Quang Su exhibits more natural acting abilities relative to the female lead


On top of the main plot, there is kind of a sub plot twist at the last couple of minutes of the movie
Akin to The Sixth Sense – which has been copied widely
Conjuring Spirit has just been another cookie cutter, giving you the feel like this subplot has to be squeezed in at the last minute (literally) just to extend screen time


I will leave you with some movie stills and the official promotional materials below
If you’re craving for some horror satisfaction, this may just fit you out over the weekends!


Official Trailer

Official Synopsis

Lan, a detective fiction author couldn’t bear the pain due to her husband’s betrayal and decided to leave home and moved to an rented apartment in an old building with her 5 year-old son, Bi. Among her neighbors, there was Thao, who’s living with her husband and their stubborn teenage daughter, Ngoc. Soon after, Vu – an amateur musician, also moved into the building.
The trauma caused by her husband’s betrayal affected Lan badly and resulted in many nightmares. She consulted a therapist and was put on a medication.  One day, Bi was given a music box by Mrs. Chu, the building supervisor, and since then, the nightmares became more rapid.
Lan and her neighbor Vu attempted to solve the mysteries happening in the building, and realized that the strange happenings originate from the music box…
Who is the true owner of the music box? Could it be a malicious spirit seeking revenge or otherwise?










Directed by


Van Pham graduated at Washington State University with a BA in TV Broadcast Productions and received his MFA in Film and Television from Chapman University. As winner of the ABC-Komo4 Fisher’s Broadcasting Scholarship, he went abroad to study film and production at the University of Wales, where he produced a short documentary, A Different Corner, which was screened and honored at numerous film festivals.
He is the director of Beyond the Mat (2013) which was an official screenplay selection for some film festivals such as Tribeca Film Festival All-Access Program, Vietnamese International Film Festival, and Asian American International Film Festival. Beyond the Mat also won “Best Sports Film” at the Canada International Film Festival.
Van M. Pham is the co-producer of the horror thriller “Spirits – Oan Hon”.
CONJURING SPIRIT is the first film of Van M. Pham since he decided to enter the cinema of Vietnam.



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