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Movie Review: AfterImages


Last Wednesday, AfterImages premiered at the Grand Cathay
I’m the biggest horror movie fan ever and the greatest challenge I have to face is…
finding company to watch a horror movie together

Everyone’s saying that I’m fearless and have the courage to watch these movies
Well, let’s leave horror-movie-going stories to another day

Last week, I’ve got company!


AfterImages is a collection of 5 short stories from Hell


First Story
Ghost Pool Leg


Revolves around an Aussie Voyeur and the Chinese superstition in which it is believed that ghosts pull swimmers’ legs to drown them

Second StoryXiao Bao Bao


A young woman’s haunting experience after taking a postmortem photograph of a suicide jumper

Third Story
Skin Deep

skin deep

A group of tourists stuck in a mall elevator with a mysterious woman who holds a terrible secret

Fourth Story


A heartbroken hawker, a missing China Bride, a mysterious ring and a suddenly popular dish called Lady’s Fingers
All of which are combined for a gruesome tale

Last Story
Burnt Offerings

last story

This is personal
The most horrifying and dangerous for the artists who are burning the cameras and receiving “free films”



The cast of the movie were invited on stage and introduced before the actual screening.
The director mentioned that AfterImages took 3 years to be produced
That was really a good 3 years of effort put into this film


An awesome blend of asian superstitions with horror
I find myself looking forward the next story as soon as one ended
It’s always a new form of horror to me and I have this inexplicable excitement to know what it will be

I personally like the First Story best
Ghost Pool Leg
I wonder if anyone has gone swimming at night before and felt that there’s something holding your leg back even when it’s obvious there’s no one else in the pool with youMy mum cautioned me when I was younger to not swim after night fall and I’ve taken her seriously since i was 12
So no more swimming in the dark as I really felt the “leg-pulling” sensation the last time I swam in the dark


AfterImages are also giving out their Graphic Novel Book 1 to my readers
Email text@melva.sg with your name and mailing address to receive them!


AfterImages is now Showing in Major Cinemas
Cathay, Golden Village and Shaw theatres

Be sure to catch it soon!


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