Money is the Root of All Evil

W posted on facebook one day in 2009:
“Money is the root of all evil”

W then said to me shortly after that post:
“You’re stingy, I never knew money was so important to you”

W was upset with how I refused to hire staff to tend our store and how I made sure that the verbal agreement of splitting the shop’s cash was in place.
The fact that W came from a business point of view towards this argument was alarming & indeed, ironic. The very basis of setting up a business from scratch is — bringing costs down even if it means overstretching my physical ability to work on my own.


Money may not necessarily be ‘the root of all evil’ but it is definitely important to every individual out there.
I once knew a financial planner by profession who have absolutely no capability of managing his own financial woes. He allowed his finances to be determined by the live dealer in an online casino site.
The evil dwells from within & in this instance, being positive clearly is a setback.

Starting up a business with sufficient will be a breeze. There are several aspects of a business that could have been easily done like storing inventory, marketing budget, hiring and ensuring a smooth operational process. With all these in place, everyone in the cycle is happy. Your staff is happy to be paid on time, your customers are happy that things never go out of stock, you are happy that the brand of your business is built.

Starting one with limited capital will bring you constant fear of whether you will be able to cover your monthly dues and every form of spending will have to be weighed with extreme cautions. I have always wondered… What would Vibe‘s outcome be today in 2013 if I had all the money I needed at the initial stage.
I am rather firmed that I would never have met all the challenges I stumbled upon in the last 2 years.
Money will immediately resolve all forthcoming issues and would have never gave me the life lessons that were essential to personal growth.


I heard W has winded up and moved on.
A part of me wished that monetary issues should never kill family ties and kinship, yet in reality, sometimes it does.

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