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Mirror Effect Nails Tutorial


The Mirror Effect Nails has been taking the manicure industry by storm
It’s superbly easy to achieve and as requested, I’ve done a short clip for the Tutorial

Thanks for my gf Charlene for lending me her fingers and sat around for a good 3 hours to film this!

I absolutely love to use the powders on its own without any base color gel
Partly coz I’m lazy and the other part is that the silver really shines through

Where to Buy



Mirror Effect Powders come in Chrome and Gold
@$18.90 each
with 2 free eyeshadow applicators

What else do you need?


  1. Base Gel
  2. Non Wipe Top Gel (Note: It has to be non wipe/non cleanse)
  3. LED Lamp

There’s a quick starter kit @ $29.90 for Mini Jacqueline Burchell Non Wipe Top & Base + 9watts LED lamp

mini starter

Exact Procedures


Step 1
Base Gel & Cure for 1 min
Step 2
Non Wipe Top Gel & Cure for 1 min
Step 3
Rub on Mirror Effect Powder
Step 4
Non Wipe Top Gel & Cure for 1 min

& You’re DONE!

Extra Tip by Melva


After sealing with the top gel,
ENHANCE the mirror effect by rubbing on the powders one more time over your nails
You don’t have to seal with top coat this time
I’ve been using this method for the last one month and keep touching up by rubbing more mirror effect powder on whenever the surface of the nails blurs out!


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