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Melva’s version of the angmoh Mocha

Coffee starts my morning
Prep me for work
Stops me from dozing off from my desk after lunch
ends me off for the day after dessert some times

“Never speak to Melva if she hasn’t had her coffee yet”
– Those will be wise words you hear from friends who know me

The personality swing would be too extreme that you wish you’d never met me

What kind of Coffee I love?

I’m not that into coffee, believe it or not
It’s just a staple and I’m not too selective

Mocha is my most popular option
As long as I’m travelling, I would always have a cuppa mocha in Starbucks
That’s definitely because I do not wish to be surprised
& Starbucks internationally have a standard level of coffee

In Singapore,
our local coffee wins hands down!
I’d take the usual kopi
No frills when ordering
Why bother with the siew dai-kind of stuff

For the love of the ‘angmoh’ mocha
which is derived from chocolate powder and espresso, then lather with milk
I did my very own version!

1 sachet of Old Town White Coffee Classic Coffee
– totally ‘gao’ enough
add Hot water for half the mug
and fill it up with HL Chocolate Milk to the top

A thicker textured coffee with a great taste of chocolate!
Bet it’s gonna make your day beautiful too!


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