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Melva’s Guide to Halloween Horror Nights 4 @ RWS Universal Studios Singapore


My 4th consecutive year visiting Halloween Horror Nights @ Universal Studios #HHN4
It’s the best combination merging my 2 ‘loves’ of horror and theme parks
It’s pretty known that Melva loves to watch horror movies yet not many know that I enjoy theme parks so much that it’s also my 9th time in Universal Studios Singapore

From the very first time USS organized #HHN
I’ve already been a major supporter
My partner in crime, Mr D who’s also my protector of all evil was absent this year
He got the dates wrong~
#HHN is now running still and I don’t this it’s too late to grab your tickets


The additional ticket was given Ms Rara as she spontaneously agreed to venture the land of horror even though she was scared to bits

Melva’s Guide to Halloween Horror Nights
10 tips to be alive

  1. Ticketing: Purchase tickets online – For non-RWS members, use Maybank Credit Card for the best rates
    usually about $48 to $50 per ticket instead of paying rack rates of $68
    Maybank ties up with USS and RWS every year to offer their cardmembers attractive privileges
    Early bird buys and Group Buys are the best deals!
  2. Go for #HHN on Sunday evenings instead of Fridays or Saturdays
    People generally have to work on Mondays, hence they prefer to spend their late nights on other weekends than Sundays
    There is naturally a smaller crowd on Sundays and you can save money on Express Passes
    & still complete #HHN before midnight
  3. Express Pass: Is it worth it?
    I have NEVER purchased express passes, the queues per haunted attraction takes about 30 minutes on average
    If you can afford that time, just stand in line to wait for your turn
    In the meantime, create some suspense with your friends
  4. Dresscode: HUMAN
    You shouldn’t be confused with the themepark actors, so please be a normal human
    Wear comfortable clothes, avoid flip flops as people in shock can jump and run and knock into you
    I’ve ever had someone so frightened that she creeped up behind me so closely and stepped on my flipflops causing me to trip!
    For ladies, mini skirts and dresses ain’t ideal if you would like to take rides
  5. Upon entering USS, start with the other route
    Instead of going with the crowd, go by the other way where you will walk past the castle
    Start from the last attraction instead and by the time you are in the midst of the event, the crowd would have digressed
  6. There is enough time to complete all the rides and haunted houses even if you enter the themepark at 9pm
    Gates open at 7.30pm
    Take your time!
  7. If you’re chased by an undead, stay firm
    once you start running, they find it fun to continue running behind you
  8. Open your eyes and look at every single detail in the haunted houses
    USS have taken great efforts in design and constructing them
    It’s really interesting and worthwhile
    @ the same time, watch out for corners where the undead loves to hide
  9. Bottled drinks are sold at $3.50 per bottle
    The usual Themepark-priced items when you can get them for $1
    If you require to be hydrated very often and would like to save money
    You can refill a bottle with all the water coolers dispensers around
  10. Take a ride after you complete every haunted house
    to relax and keep your heart beating at a more regular pace
    It gets pretty tiring to be consistently frightened






There is no good lighting in the entire place for photos
hence we appear blue, green, blur or black


The Haunted Houses

Every year, there are usually 4 haunted house setups
We were treated to a surprise 5th attraction this year!
The BoogieMan is the additional attraction~

1. Jack’s 3D Circus
The highly marketed attraction
Walk through the house with a pair of 3D disposable glasses
Just like how you watch 3D movies
There’s no horror factor in this
Everything around you looks stunning with the array of colours jumping out at you
Last but not least, experience the spinning bridge at the very end
When I walked out of it, I took down the glasses and turned back to have a look at the bridge
It’s totally stationary, yet the illusion created was topsy turvy
That was the toughest part…. as nobody can walk straight

2. Mati Camp
As the name suggest, army camp madness
Shortest horror trail
Everything was pretty much predictable

3. Jing’s Revenge
Background: Hua Xin Zhong Xue
Hua Xin Secondary School
Chinese school students and teachers speak mandarin to you
It’s more interesting if you can understand the language
There’s a lil gross factor where the ‘school’ toilets are smashed with shit and the toilet bowls squirt water at you!

4. Scary Tales
The first horror attraction I went to
Scariest of all
Longest trail
For once, I wished the exit would come sooner
One of the best ones I’ve been so far!

5. BoogieMan
The bonus feature added to #HHN4
Ain’t worth your time if you’re rushing for the Jack’s Circus show
Lack of effort in terms of set up, acting and make up
It’s as though USS added this on for nothing
Totally not worth queuing, skip this any time!


All photos are taken by the OPPO N1 13 megapixels rotating Selfie Camera lense

Enjoy #HHN4 and I’ll definitely see you for #HHN5 next year!


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