Meeting a Deadline

When I had the first internship interview at 20 yrs old, the Director asked:
Would you meet the dateline and give me work with some mistakes or Will you be late for the assignment and give me perfect work?

Apparently, the right answer he expected was the latter. Yet personally, I have strict guidelines for myself when it comes to DEADLINES.So I went with meeting the deadline and produce work with my best efforts. Still nabbed the job despite not being subjectively on his side :p

By definition a deadline/expiry date will mean the latest time in which you have to get something completed.
I don’t think it’s too difficult to understand. These days, it seems common that people get extended/flexible deadlines in many aspects and hence deadlines is no longer a serious and solemn term.
For instance, when you make a purchase from an online deal site and the coupon states that you need you claim your product/service by 31st dec 2012.
How did the general public ever had the idea that 31st dec 2012 is actually a flexible date?

Being a merchant, I received at least 50 to 60 phone calls on the expiry date to ask for extension with the same 3 excuses:
1. I’m overseas/on a work trip
2. I’m in the hospital/my mum was warded in the hospital etc3. I overlooked and forgot about the deadline
On a side note, I would really appreciate if there were more creative excuses to make answering those monotonous phone calls interesting.

What consumers do not understand about the partnership between these deal sites and the merchant is that the payment terms on the contract also ends on the expiry date. Hence if anyone were to claim their coupon after that deadline, no payment will be made to us.
The consumer’s perspective: Payment was already made for the coupon so I deserve the product/service.
Indeed, everyone would have felt the same way but everyone has overlooked the significance of deadlines.Payment was made between the consumer and the deal site, not the merchant.

I have met an increasing number of people with sluggish attitudes towards meeting a deadline and it gets worrying that employees do not take it seriously at all. It’s a small sign of failed efficiency and negative self development, that said, of course there are more contributing aspects…

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