Nail Vibe SG

Loyalty Card with NailVibe App


The Nail Vibe App is finally launched!
Both iOS & Android users can download the Nail Vibe App from their Apple Store & Google Play Store!

It has always been an objective for me to express gratitude to customers who stood by me and my business since 2009
Some even became real good friends!
I can’t imagine what would life have been without going through the whole journey of setting and running Nail Vibe
Despite the pains and sleepless nights, it’s really all worth it!

I finally put things into action & the Nail Vibe App is ready to use!


Get instant updates through just one channel!


Under the LOYALTY CARDS tab
Collect stamps by patronising us at Vibe Retail Store @ China Square Central #02-27

For every S$25 spent, you get 1 stamp!
After collecting 9 stamps
Redeem your free S$15 on your next purchase!

**no minimum purchase required!
***no further rules and regulations!


Once again,

Thank you for being with us since 2009!


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