Love is a Weakness


I have always kept this under wraps
A past relationship is not always the most glorious thing
& that’s about everything the relationship left me with….


Open your Eyes

Look at yourself from outside the relationship

Easier said than done of course, most of our friends would have told us time and again how detrimental and spiral we have been in a messed up relationship
But we will always convince ourselves to stay in the comfort zone
Even when knowing that making a tough choice will bring you a better life
You never made that decision~


<Yes, I wrote that and I do not think my handwriting sucks>

Love is a weakness coz Love overpowers anything and everything else
Love is a weakness coz rationalism never comes into play

Looking back, the kind of abuse I allowed to pile up in a span of 30 months
made me amazed at my endless tolerance level


How in this world did I allow a guy living in the millennium talk down to me for more than 2 years?
It’s incredible!
I realised these insecure men have the very same nature of making people around them feel small
So they feel better about themselves

I was told that:
I will never make it in life
My business will never take off
I’m never sexy enough
My temper sucks
My attitude sucks
I’m stupid


Seriously, why did you date me then? You F-ing piece of shit!

Instead of feeling proud and contented of having someone by your side, you trashed me like crazy attempting to keep me by your side
How does this work out?

Platonic Friendships

I’ve recently heard about another extraordinary case of a hopeless man insisting that platonic friendships can never exist
The thing between a man and woman can be as simple as a friendship and I’m sure more than half the world will agree with me…
The ex insisted that nothing simple will come out from my friendships with guys
So he axed all phone calls and texts that came from male friends and only allowed male clients to communicate with me

Another school of thought will be: Oh the guy loves you so much that he goes all protective with you / he can’t afford to lose you so he’s getting paranoid / etc

Pack of excuses!
The truth hurts~
You guys are just wimps with weak hearts
Narrow minded creatures who are unable to accept the nature of friendships with open arms and focused all your energy on the negative aspects of it

My Outfit

This was how you met me.

This was how you dress me after we got together

Be thankful that I even had a cleavage to talk about
It’s not that I went around baring my chest without any lingerie
If all else fails, the top flew off
There will still be a bra!
You can consider a bra to be equivalent to a bikini top these days right?

ok I geddit…
You want me to avoid all forms of looks from other men
So you decided to lock me up at home….
You loser!

My GirlFriends

ok so you had issues with my male friends
I decided to only hang out with girlfriends to appease the shit out of you
But it’s never enough
You started hating all my girlfriends coz:
1. They have partners who are better than you
2. You claim that they speak a different lingo / slang that you’re not comfortable with, not realizing that you are actually the odd one with the ‘slang’
3. They are more capable than you in every way


The first time you sent flowers
was a sweet gesture
I would totally expect to have the money spent on something more practical but that’s alright…
I appreciate the effort even though you know I’m not the flowers kind of girl

Just at that moment when I thought everything was nice and sweet…
opening up that romantic card you wrote to me….

Only to know the entire sentence was taken from a blardy template that provides~



After dictating my dress sense, now you’re affected by the height of my shoes
I’m a hybrid between ‘Dwarf’ and ‘Avatar’ according to Jez & Herine =p
Heels would alleviate and make any woman more confident and happy about how they look

It was my first and definitely the last time encountering this episode of ego-bashing sad dude
providing such mega emo-drama
stemmed from the very fact that I’ll be taller than him after those tower walking shoes

oh well
We all have times in life where we make some silly decisions or even get blinded
That’s totally fine!
At least, we are at a better place now!
I hope it’s the same for all of you!
Be more aware of how you should be treated
We are worth hell loads, don’t get undermined!

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